How often do you change your socks?

A few months ago, someone asked how often people change their trousers. Now, some are discussing whether they wear new clothes first, or wash them first.

This has prompted me to ask, “How often do you change your socks?”

Every day, and I don’t even walk in them. Unless I’m out of clean socks and will be going home in a few days, then I’ll just wear a pair twice, and save the laundry for mom.

Weird topic. The weirdest thing I ever heard about socks came from Jerry Lewis (the “comedian”). His one luxury in life (which I’m quite certain he can well afford) is he never wears socks more than once. Once they come off, into the garbage they go…do Salvation Army donation; right to the dump.
A brand spanking-new fresh pair every morning, sounds OK, but I think the main benefit would be never having to wash/dry and matchup 7+ pairs a week, and no stray unmatched orphans laying around.

Every day, whether necessary or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Every two years or so.


I only wear them with my good shoes to job interviews (which is every two years or so).

I never wear them otherwise. I figure a good pair of socks should last me something akin to the lifetime of the universe.

Daily or twice a day in the summer.

Every time I shower :smiley:

The second I feel like they are starting to form fit my feet. That’s usually twice a day.

Athletic socks I change daily. Dress socks, which I NEVER wear anymore, twice daily.