How physically imposing is OJ Simpson in person?

I started reading this vanity fair piece on OJ. Here’s two quotes: “Now 70, he is a massive presence, towering over the young woman at the hostess station” and “hostess tells him that his usual table—a high-top for six that can accommodate his bulk—is occupied.”

OJ clocks in a 6’1". While he is/was certainly stocky, he’s not a big, massive dude. At least, that’s the way I remember it. I mean, in his prime he was no wuss, but christ I met him in person when he was a commentator at the Asian Games in Tokyo ~1991 or 1992 and I’m just only 5’11". I was kinda like “hey, it’s OJ, smaller than I envisioned kinda like the Mona Lisa portrait is only 30"x20” and a bit of a first impression letdown in person." Beyond the seeing celebrity in person, there was Big John Studd much less Andre the Giant vibe about him (whom I’ve also seen in person at Sam’s Brauhaus in Sacramento).

Anyhoo, just thought I’d share jus’ cause.

6’1 is about three and a half inches inches taller than the averga American male height of 5 feet 9.5 inches. Also is almost 9 inches taller than a the average American woman (Five Feet Four inches)
Add to the fact that he as a former American football player and top athelete probably is farily bulky, not surprising that he appears much bigger than a small hostess.

Yea, but he is a little, little man.

O.J. is 210 lb. and played running back. He was known for his agility. He’s not as massive as a defensive end or a tackle weighing 250 or 275 would be.

::Shrugs:: I met Akebono while he was still a sumo yokozuna. At 6’ 8" and 550 lbs, he was “physically imposing.”

He’s a lot more physically imposing than Cuba Gooding Jr (the one bad casting mistake in that otherwise good miniseries).

Unfortunately, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman are the people who could answer authoritatively.

The writer is in lurve with him. That article makes me sick.

6’1" and low 200s is not “bulk”. If it is, then I’m the Incredible Hulk, and yet, I can sit at a table for two comfortably. But no one will write about me, because I have managed to not murder anyone.

Even short guys with knives are physically imposing.

From here it lists a height of 6’ 1" and weight of 212 presumably from his playing days. The recent photos suggest he put on a lot of weight. And he’s 70 now. No one 70 years old is going to maintain that height.

Not tall imposing, but maybe weight imposing. Throw in years of learning to do a prison snarl and he could intimidate a lot of people.

Now his daughter Khloe, she’s intimidating. :wink:

The American media thinks he’s a demigod.

True dat! Chad was a freaking monster up close.

I am not so sure about that. In the media I have seen he has been found guilty of murder and other things, vicariously. I think he may have walked on the hotel room armed robbery thing had he not ever been accused of killing Brown and Goldman. He is a tainted person and celebrity. We haven’t heard the last of him. He will screw up again.
I do think there are certain sports people who idolize him, but in the second breath they mention the murders.

OJ made it through over a decade in prison. I saw a few articles over the years and he was in the general area with other prisoners. Worked in the gym cleaning the equipment.

I’d guess a few tough guys tried to rough him up.

OJ apparently is a likeable guy (in person) and that may have diffused any dangerous situations.

I asked the one person I know who knew O.J. He says he can be a likable guy, but you never wanted to get on his bad side. He was married to his first wife Marguarite at the time, and apparently it was common knowledge that when his team lost, he wold beat the crap out of her.

The now deceased Charlie Murphy of Chapelle Show made a comment in an episode about OJ Simpson:

Anybody who beats women is not much of a man.

OJ would have been more motivated to be likeable in prison.

There were a lot younger and tougher guys that could have beaten him to a pulp. Especially the white supremacists and similar groups.

Prison culture is a weird thing. I was acquainted with the ex-wife of a Buffalo Bills player that was once one of his best friends that taught alongside my mother. She loved him even after the conviction and always maintained that he could never do such a thing. We all know that isn’t true but he wasn’t just an ex-football player, he was a popular minor actor, spokesperson and many other things as well. He is probably a murderer but he certainly has charm and that goes a long way in prison because they are all there for a reason.

Bernie Madoff is a prison celebrity among other prisoners and the other prisoners see him as a hero of sorts. He stole billions and many of them think it was a brilliant scheme.

Compare that to cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer (killed in prison) or child molesters and it is a completely different situation. Most prisoners have some morals and a social structure, it just isn’t the same as normal society.

Where’d you do time?