How serious are the latest allegations against Hilary?

I personally don’t give a flying fuck about Hilary Clinton’s email server. But Trumpeters on facebook are gloating that the latest FBI probe will cost her the election. Then today I learned that her lead is shrinking.

Is this as bad as certain people are making is sound or much ado about nothing??

Sorry, can’t help you out here. From what I’ve seen so far, there are no ‘allegations’. That is to say, I’ve not seen a single word of coverage that identifies new evidence of a specific illegal act being committed by Mrs. Clinton.

Is it serious? Yes, probably more than it should be, due to a general tendency of some people to not read anything after the shrieking headline. That, and wishful thinking by Trumpites who apparently find the whole electoral process an inconvenience.

No polls you are seeing today are going to reflect the response people have to this news. You’ll need to wait a few days for that.

Legally? Probably nothing new. Polling? Probably will hurt Hillary. Election results? Probably won’t cost Hillary the election.
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If the one rumour is true, that these are longer emails that Huma had on her computer to print out, then this will almost assuredly be nothing. But yeah at this point there is no specific accusations.

As others have said, it’s much ado about nothing. The new emails aren’t from her, and there is no indication of any wrongdoing, but the FBI felt like they had to be thorough in their investigation.

In terms of polling, it might have an affect but only a very small one. She led in polling the whole time her emails were being investigated the first time.

The latest allegations are the same ones from before, except to allege there is now more evidence.


MHO: It’s a distraction tactic.

Did I miss something; there is mindless speculation but there are no formal allegations?

The very topic they are going after makes it unlikely there is anything there - What would Anthony Wiener have to do with State Department business? He’s a former Rep, but didn’t have State Department responsibilities to my knowledge. His wife - Clinton’s friend and long time staffer - simply had the bad fortune to marry the POS with the unfortunate name and matching hobby activity, and forgive him more than once to have him publicly transgress repeatedly.

The whole thing reads like it was cooked up to be a clickbait headline that doesn’t pass the skeptic meter.

But … but … any of these emails could be — could bethe smoking email. The one that, if you print it using special toner and a golden drum, and hold it up to a moon at the same phase and time of the year as the original was keyed into the system, will reveal Crooked Hillary Clinton’s plan to deliver the USA to ISIS.

I mean it could happen. Better Lock Her Up™ and give the election to Trump, just to be on the safe side.

In other words, headlines notwithstanding, very little smoke and almost certainly no fire.

The computer being examined was apparently shared between Huma and Weiner. Based on the limited info so far, the new emails are ones that Huma sent to Hillary and not necessarily emails Hillary sent to her.

Republicans will be investigating Hillary for the next four years. May as well get used to it.

Yep. Chaffetz is the new Issa.


That’s what happens when you nominate crooked people like her.


Comey, liking the limelight more than your average G-Man and liking money possibly more than your average American man, has this thought process:

  1. Endear myself to the right-wing by dropping a deuce on this election 11 days out;
  2. Quit this lame government job and get a gig as a right-wing talking head and tell-all writer;
  3. Profit!

Maybe he just has no desire to work for/with either of these candidates, likes hearing himself talk, and wants to find some cushy job and make lots of money. And there’s my WAG.

Or elect gormless dipshits to Congress.

And Trump can not help but lie instead of letting Clinton be inconvenienced a little bit.

What I can conclude is that the message from Comey would had been left just there with the congressmen, but like Trump the Republicans of today do not care if Comey is misunderstood as he even clarified. Even in his clarification Comey makes the point that these new emals are a supplement to the investigation. And that should had been enough, but I do think that Comey needed to have more emphasis on this being a supplement to an investigation that already considered Clinton as having no need to be even indicted. However, Comey did allow the Republicans to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

As already mentioned, there aren’t any polls out that would show any “hit” on her numbers from this revelation. Nate Silver was on one of the cable news shows and he made the point it would be Wednesday, Tuesday at the earliest, before any poll results would show what impact this may have.

I would also suggest not getting worked up about a single poll. Check out websites doing an average of polls such as Real Clear Politics, Silver’s 538 or Sam Wang’s work at Princeton to get a better idea of how the race stands.

Individual polls tend to have quite a bit of variation one to the next.