How should 2011 be pronounced?

I’ve heard it pronounced both ways, but which way do you prefer?

We call it nineteen eleven and not one thousand nine hundred eleven, so let’s continue.

Definitely twenty eleven, it is quicker and easier.

For 1066 do you say “ten sixty-six” or “one thousand and sixty six”? Same principal applies.

Twenty-eleven just sounds right.

I’m pretty sure I say “two thousand and eleven.”

I say twenty eleven. Anything else sounds pedantic.

They both sound awkward to me, so I just say “This year.” Next year I’ll say “Last year.”

By the time it drifts so far into the past that I can’t get away with that any more, I’ll be an old coot, and I can say “Back in 'ought eleven.”


twenty eleven

Anyone who says differently is probably a communist plant.


“Two thousand and eleven”.

The year 2000 was “two thousand”, not “twenty-oh-oh”, and it followed from that.

I said “two thousand eleven” and will feel that “two thousand whatever” will work until “2020” and upwards. In the previous decade I felt that “oh-whatever” was good until I heard a redio guy say “oh-oh” for the 2000 year. That just sounded weird. I don’t cringe with the “twenty eleven” version, but just prefer the “two thousand eleven.” Being able to say either is better than the alternative!

There is a common convention when spelling out numbers that the ‘and’ signifies fractional bits goes to right of the decimal. When people say “two thousand and eleven” that translates to 2000.11. But i’m a strict twenty eleven person. Also when reading out long numbers I tend to group by two so: 4567345612891006 would be read “forty five sixty seven thirty four fifty six twelve eighty nine ten oh six”.

Twenty-eleven. Beforehand, I said, “Twenty-ten” and “Twenty-oh-nine.”

(Although in 2010, I’d catch myself saying, “twenty-oh-ten,” which is a different year entirely.

“Nine-eleven plus eleventy-zero”. That way, I get my Super-Patriotic 9/11 reference™ in.

I hear it in the complaining voice of a tall servant gentleman from an old Shirley Temple movie “She got twenty-lebbum jobs for me, and wan 'em all done right now!”

So: Other - Twenty-lebbum.

I want twenty-eleven. I am in favor of twenty-eleven. However, I cannot make myself say twenty-eleven. So I’m always saying two-thousand and eleven, even though it’s a mouthful.

I predict everyone will completely switch by 2013, which is when we get two syllables after the 20 and everyone will be thoroughly sick of taking 10 minutes to give the date.

“In the year two thousand five hundred and twenty-five, if man is still alive…”

I had no idea this was even an issue. I think I say two thousand eleven, but apparently I should be throwing an “and” in there. Twenty eleven doesn’t sound right to my ears.

And if that doesn’t take, then definitely by 2077.

The current year is twenty-eleven.
Like everybody else, I said “two thousand” in 2000, but I was in the minority a year later with “twenty-oh-one.” I’ve continued with the “twenty-xx” format and that now seems to be the more widely accepted usage. I’m a pioneer! :smiley:

“Nineteen one hundred eleven.”