How stupid can people get??

There’s a petition protesting the next LOTR movie…apparently The Two Towers is an obvious reference to the World Trade Center and is inappropriate and offensive.

Sad thing is, over 1000 people have signed the petition!!!

My favorite:

Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ.

The unenlightened leading the uninformed.

90% of those signatures have false entry voided in the line. I think there’s only about 50 idiots, and about 50 sarcastic people who signed in.

Rolling on the floor
oooh, thats soo funny, leave it to some dumb ass american housewives to cheer me up = )
these people who dont stop to think that maybe things are older than their memory, or that the whole world revolves around their little urban area…
Was the world trade center even planed when the completed novel was split up into three parts by the publisher?:stuck_out_tongue:

That site is an endless source of entertainment. I used to work at 3dfx before they flushed themselves down the crapper, and when the company announced it was going under, thousands of people signed a petition to stop it. Apparently a few thousand people don’t understand finance too well.

No, it wasn’t “planed” until last year.

the WTC was only planed last year? wow, they must have built it really quick…

but yeah, after lookin at the acual link, i dont think theres one single serious one there
didnt know there were petition trolls…

I knew something like this was going to happen.

Summers_Son, are you trying to say “planned?” “Planed” means to make smooth. “Planned” means to devise or project the realization or achievement of.

If you’re going to make fun of Americans, at least make sure we can’t correct you on the most basic of errors.

Line I’m gonna steal:

I think the WTC was built in the 1970s…definitely AFTER the LOTR trilogy was published.

yeh yeh
i meant planned
i first wrote “before the world trade center was built”
then i remembered it wasnt that long ago, and thought it could have been plaNNed a long time before that

Just started a separate thread inspired by the petition:


what a bunch of maroons.

Considering that they only have one or two “valid” sigs per page, and most of those have comments like “hahah”; I’m not too worried about them garnering the numbers needed to override the world with their stupidity. That’s what we have wrestling fans for. :slight_smile:


OK, I’m not saying the name of the movie should necessarily be changed. But I am not a sci-fi fan (or just, I guess, in the case of Tolkien, a “fi” fan). I had never heard of the book “The Two Towers” till this very moment. And if there’s a movie coming out next year with that title, yes, I would certainly have thought it’s about the World Trade Center. Doesn’t make me an idiot, just someone who’s not a Tolkien fanatic. And I’m sure a lot of other people—particularly other New Yorkers—will think the same thing.
With that said, go ahead and call the movie “The Two Towers.” Justy don’t be so surprised when people who don’t know Tolkien from Shinola give it a raised eyebrow.

Ah, but Eve, would you sign a petition for the entire world to see without doing at least the bare minimum of research on the subject? You strike me as someone who likes a little facts to go with her opinions.

My favorite e-sig is “He doesn’t need facts. He has opinions.” That seems to be the philosophy a lot of people live by.

Understandable, Eve, but keep in mind (as these petition-starting twits should have) that the title of the film will be Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Since hardly anybody bothered to call Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by it’s full title, I doubt we’ll even hear much beyond Lord of the Rings 2.

Nope, if the original book WAS called “The Two Towers,” then they have every right to call the movie that.

I’m just sayin’ that the initial reaction of most people, on first seeing the posters and ads for the movie, will be “WHAAAAAA?” Then we will find out about the book and go, “Oh. Well, awfully bad timing, that . . .”

Considering one of the “real” signatures is from a certain “Jeffrey K.”, I suspect the Something Awful crowd has visited them. I’d be hard pressed to identify any of the entries as valid.