How sturdy are loft beds?

Currently trying to figure out what furniture to buy for my new apt and looking at the possibility of getting a loft bed to save a lot of space (the apt is TINY)

Does anyone have experience with these beds, Ill probably get something from Ikea

I’m curious if it moves a ot if you sleep somewhat restlessly, also, can you have sex with these beds?

man, that was a huge preamble to get to the actually question on my mind!

Slept on loft beds all through college. Lots of friends had sex on loft beds. You should be fine.

I had a loft bed for many years and never had any problems with it at all. It was quite sturdy. Actually, I think it was sturdier than the bed I have now. It definitely made less noise.

Looking at the picture of that Ikea loft bed, I can see why you might be concerned about its sturdiness. I had a solid oak loft bed built by a carpenter and attatched to the walls that was rock solid. Man, I loved that bed. It felt like my own little safe cocoon. The price was probably more than the Ikea but still reasonable and worth every penny. Will you be attatching it to the wall?

Believe it or not, this is the second Google result for “loft bed sex”. You may find it informative. (Or not; the author’s prose is a bit on the purple side.)

wow, I actually goggled this and didn’t get this site (I think i put in a few extra words) Ill give it a go

Get a wood loft bed. I can understand your concern looking at those thin metal rails. The wood inspires more confidence.

That was actually a hilarious read.

Hell, I had sex on a loft bed while my girlfriend’s roommate was having sex with her boyfriend on the other loft bed across the room. Lord knows what the people in the neighboring dorm rooms thought was going on. Some kind of industrial manufacturing, probably.

I considered that very same Ikea loft bed, so I went to the showroom to look it over. It was very wobbly to the point of seeming flimsy. It might be OK if you could firmly anchor the top of the bed to the wall.

We had that same bed, twin size, for my son for years and it was fairly wobbly. I didn’t worry about his 100 lb self in it, but I don’t know that I’d want to trust it (or the fullsize version of it) to 2 adult sized people, especially uh…moving around a lot.

That’s not to say a loft bed is a bad idea. My brother had a fantastic homemade one growing up that didn’t wobble a bit, even when I pushed the golden retriever up there to wake him up in the morning (aren’t I the best sis ever?). His was more along the lines of this guy’s work, with thick wood and reinforced joints.

I had sex on/in exactly this type of bed and after one try I screwed it firmly to a wall, pun not intended:). felt a little safer after doing that.
I wouldn’t recommend this/a loft bed, the room you gain is too low to be of any practical use.

I had a loft bed in my first apt, a flimsy wooden one that rocked and creaked. It’s not exactly romantic, but no one’s going to get to your room and say “Oh, a loft bed? Yeah, never mind.”

Many people used loft beds in college, although when I was a junior or senior, the rules were changed to increase the distance between the top of the mattress and the ceiling. I don’t remember what the specification was, but the idea was to allow enough space for a fully-equipped fireman (including carrying an oxygen tank) to rescue a sleeping student from the bed. So you should check the requirements in your jurisdiction.

I thought you were going somewhere completely different with this…

Regarding the OP, if I were you, I’d check the specifications for the maximum weight limit for the bed. We bought a loft bed + desk unit a month ago, and even though it’s a solidly built wood bed, the max weight limit is only 200 lbs including the weight of the mattress.

You can have sex with anything, it just takes some creativity.

Wow, as soon as I think I’ve seen every fetish, someone comes along with a new one.

I have that Tromso loft bed, though I don’t use it as an actual day-to-day sleeping bed, just for occasional naps in my office room.

Never had more than one person in it at once, but judging by the way it feels when I climb into it, I wouldn’t trust it for sex. Maybe, as somebody else pointed out, if you anchored it to the wall, but not freestanding. Unless both you and your partner are both very small and light (and not too active about the whole thing). :slight_smile:

I would get the optional lower bunk. It will probably make it sturdier and introduce all kinds of new fun in your life.

I had a great loft bed in college. It was very sturdy and perfect as a space saver. Not sure where we got it but if you look around you can find one that’s good. Definitely make sure it’s an easy assembly loft because that will be key when it comes to putting it together. Also check out the wood to make sure it’s sturdy.

I got one of those Tromso loft beds when I moved back home to start grad school. It can be a little wobbly – however, if you wedge a spare pillow between the rail and the wall, it moves around a lot less.

As an insomniac with a back problem, I can say it’s fine for restless sleeping. I never tested it for sex, partly because my ceiling was a bit low and covered in that “cottage cheese” crap.

My suggestion would be to go to Ikea, find the various loft bed displays, and see how much you can shake them around (since they don’t let you climb into them for safety reasons). Also pay attention to weight limits.