How to combine 2 Facebook accounts into one.

Yes, I have two. One was only for business, so my colleagues and overlords were not privy to what I was posting on my personal page. No longer needing two, I’m trying to figure out how to combine them.

I’m asking this in G.Q. for a reason. Seeking factual information on how to combine the accounts if such a thing can be done. Yes, I know Facebook frowns upon more than one site for a user. Not interested in debating having done this, it’s already over and done.

How do I go about combining the two, if such a thing can be done?

All I can suggest is to write and ask them. Both of your accounts have the likes and dislikes about you that advertisers find so precious, and combining them gives them even more information than the two separately. It’s in their best interest to allow you to do it.

If you want to be safe, use email, and don’t use either of the accounts you used to set these things up, to see if you’re going to get a positive response. But I’m pretty sure you will.

Such a thing can’t be done, to the best of my knowledge.

On the flip side, combining two accounts into one would mean one fewer user, which potentially means less ad views (and thus less revenue).

More importantly, allowing users to merge separate accounts would be a concession that a number of accounts are simply ghost accounts, and a tacit admission that the millions of unique users Facebook reports are inflated. Not a good thing to admit to advertisers.