How to deal with zodiacal friends?

Hey all,

Long time listener, first time caller. A problem that has bothered me for many years is how to deal with friends who take their horoscope (and the like) too seriously.

The best I’ve come up with is to ignore it (nod and smile) whenever the topic comes up. That can work sometimes, but often the conversation just keeps going and it’s tough not to say anything. I’ve tried pretending that I believe, or at least having fun with it, but that gets old quickly. I don’t want to talk down to these people, but the honest truth is that (in my eyes) it makes them look really stupid.

I have no problem with people who dabble in it for fun once in a while - goodness knows I enjoy some silly/illogical things from time to time - but it is when they start talking about not wanting to date someone because he’s this sign, or not trusting someone because she’s that sign, that I begin to lose my sense of humor about it.

Do I walk away? Do I play along? Do I try to believe?

I try to respect my friends as equals, but sometimes they make it tough. :slight_smile:

I have a couple of friends who feel they are psychically gifted. They’re always doing tarot cards and the like. I have never really liked that stuff. The palm readers, tarot cards, horoscopes, etc. have always given me bad news. Fortunately, they don’t talk about it too terribly much. But I did have to ask one of them to stop sending me the personalized horoscope in my email. It just freaked me out a bit.

You can conduct a little experiment if your friends don’t know when your birthday is. The first one of them that asks you what your sign is, say you’re a Taurus. They’ll tell you all about yourself.

Next time, say you’re a Libra. Then a Pisces.

Let us know how it turns out.

There’s nothing more obnoxious than someone who’s convinced that he has the truth and is obligated to make everyone else agree. Let it go.

Sometimes I like to make stuff up. Like tell them “Oh, I’m into that too! Except I personally find Laponian astrology to be much more spiritual. My sign is the Moulting Reindeer, and that means that I have a unique ability to projectile vomit. Wanna see?”

Yeah, I’m too easily amused to be much help in the fight against ignorance.

Wow, we could just copy and paste this right into some of the religious threads on this board. :smiley:

Taurus, Taurus. Ah, I’ve got it. You weigh about 3000 pounds and can fit five.

That’s because it was a bit too accurate, wasn’t it?

I don’t believe in astrology but I don’t totally disbelieve either. A friend did my horoscope- 95% descriptive accuracy (no attempts at prediction). A Net Acquaintance also put my stats into a horoscope program- much the same results.

I have the same feelings about Tarot- and I can get some interestingly accurate readings. I stopped it because it freaked me out & also indirectly influenced a C’tian friend to re-explore Wicca.

I sense FriarTed that you are a carbon-based life form…that you breathe oxygen and metabolize food for energy…that you were born in the twentieth century and have ten toes…

If they’re good friends to you, what difference does it make if they believe strange things. The smile and nod strategy is fine.

If they’re really pressing their beliefs on you, some polite statement on the lines of “I’m afraid I don’t believe in astrology” might be required. But only as a last resort.

If you want you can try a reasoned debate about the merits of astrology. Let us know how that works out. :slight_smile:

One of my closest friends is a Christian UFO fanatic. He reads Jim Marrs, believes the Bible Code is factual, and at one point thought the moon was constructed by aliens. We’re close enough that we can argue about this without animosity, but without much point either.

Yeah, that’s good. When somebody asks my sign, sometimes I tell them all about myself, and then ask them what sign they think I am. It should be a cinch, but of course, they only have a 1-in-12 chance of being right, and seldom are.

Equally silly: the big thing in Japan now is blood types, which have the same magical significance as astrological signs. Many there now won’t marry somebody who does not have the “proper” blood type or hire them for a new job. What next?

I used to read Tarot for people and I was able to convince quite a few that I had special ablilities even though I never claimed I did. When you read tarot, you simply watch their reactions to get a reading that is ‘shockingly correct!’ If you know what the average person does when being read, it is very easy to fool tarot readers. When my friends kept trying to teach me that tarot was real, then I would get them to go with me to a reader who had not previously met both us. I showed them how they based their readings on what I was wearing and the reactions I gave.

Similarily, astrology has never been able to get a decent profile on me. It’s rather amusing how wrong it always is, because you think it would be right at least some of the time. The average profile of a Capricorn is very different from my personality, although if you judge me based on looks, you could think that I fit into it. When encountering friends or coworkers who ask me for my sign, I always just smile and tell people that I don’t believe it in personally. When they ask why I don’t, I point out that all the stars are out of line and that Sagittarius was the constellation which was actually overhead at my birth. If they press it further, I ask them to give me my reading based on my star sign and if they know me at all, even the most devout of astrologers will admit that it’s very off from my personality.

Really? <boggle> What is an AB negative then, good or am I the antichrist?

I do know that there has been a fad for diet based on blood type, and also some sort of exercise program based on blood type, but an ‘astrology’ of blood type?! go figure!

Never tried this myself, but a good argument I’ve heard used against astrology is to accuse the believer of being a bigot, which is essentially true. If somebody were to say to you “I can just tell you’ve got some American Indian ancestry in you, because you’re sensitive and reserved, like Indians,” or “You must be part black, because you’re headstrong and have strong leadership abilities, typical of black people,” you’d rightly condemn that person as a prejudiced racist.

But replace race, nationality, skin color, or someother inborn trait with the month you were born in, and many otherwise unprejudiced people become walking bigotry factories. If you really want to call them on it (which you probably don’t, but hey, you asked), try this tactic.

It’s still just in the idea phase, but the next thing I want to try is claiming that I’m one of those people to whom all 12 signs apply equally. The believer could try out the descriptions to see how they fit, using multiple references if necessary. Then I might mention that it’s well-known that some percentage of the population has this trait, and issue a challenge to find other such individuals and maybe help determine what that percentage might be.

I just tell them ‘I don’t have an astrological sign.’

‘What? Everyone has a sign.’

‘Not me. I don’t have one.’

That’s not exactly true, but I was born on a date that is either the end of one sign or the beginning of the next one, and every time I see a horoscope, it has me listed in a different sign. I suppose I could be assigned based on the year and time of my birth, but I intensely don’t care, so I’ve never done that research.

Yeah, I’m like that. And I don’t identify with either of them.

From what little I know about the Japanese thing with blood types, it is not a new fad and the Rh factor is not taken into consideration. What’s really funny is when you look at the manual for a Japanese-origin RPG and see that every character listed has, as part of the biography, a blood type.

If someone asks me my sign, I’ll tell them I’m a Leo. Most of the time, it’s someone at work, and I don’t care to get into an argument about astrology with my coworkers. If they persist in discussing my obvious Leoness (yes, all of us born in the middle of the summer are exactly the same!) I respond with “uh huh. oh. okay.”

Fortunately, none of my friends seem to be into astrology. Well, except maybe the Onion’s version.

One time I read my friend’s horoscope in the Onion and it was eerily appropriate. Really.

I don’t think it was anything other than a coincidence, but it really matched up with what was happening with her that week.