How to get rid of e-mail notifications

How do I set my preferences so I don’t get e-mails every time someone responds to a post or thread of mine? The notifications on SD are enough. I check SD way more than I check my e-mail. They are too much.

Thanks, Saucy

Click on your avatar (the green S in your case) to activate the user menu on the upper right. Click on preferences (the little guy icon on the right). Click on Preferences. Click on emails, about half way down on the left.

Change all of the pull-down menus to say Never.

Make sure you click on Save Changes at the bottom when done.

Thank you!

About a week ago I set my preferences to not get e-mails. All those e-mails every time someone responded were annoying. I check SD almost every day. I didn’t/don’t need all those notifications in my mail.Then yesterday, I get an e-mail…[Straight Dope Message Board] Summary. Why?

If Discourse thinks it’s been too long of a time since your last visit then it sends that out. Personally I find it annoying.

There is a check box at the bottom of your email settings you can uncheck to turn it off.

Thank you again!