How to make Chrome or IE paste photos in a message forum?

Hey all,

Probably a simple one (hope so anyway). Just got a new Dell PC running Windows 7, and I can’t seem to make either IE or Chrome paste photos into a message forum like this one. I’ll google “Brillo pad photos” or “Dachshund photos” for example…first result on first page of google will feature half a dozen nice examples…so I right click and then hit copy (or Ctrl + C) on the one I want…go to the posting area…and Ctrl + V does nothing. It used to work fine for years in IE on my old PC with XP, in the exact same forum or in Word, though Chrome, the browser I prefer, would never do it. An easy fix?


Fresh out of luck on this board. We don’t post pix if you hadn’t noticed.

Check out some other site on your machine and see if the problem persists.

I am not sure what you have been doing in the past, but you can’t “paste” pictures into an online forum. You would have to upload them, and then only * if* the forum allowed that. This forum will not display pictures whatever you do. It is text only, by agreement and design. The best you can do is include a link to a picture displayed elsewhere on the web.

You paste the link and people click on it. vb will change it to a link usually. If you want it to just show it upon opening, the viewer needs a script or something. This thread will help.

Wasn’t going to paste photos into this forum or any other that didn’t allow it. It’s another one like this, with the same software, appearance, functionality, etc.

What I’ve done for years in IE (before discovering the much faster Chrome) was seeing a funny photo online somewhere…right clicking on it…selecting Copy…then posting it in a message on a forum (not this one–one that functions just like it), where lots of other people were doing the same, sharing images within posts. As a paleotechnical non-computer wizard, I had thought this was something easy to do, since everyone was doing it. If not it’s OK; so the UX of the internet just got a little smaller & less colorful. No big deal I guess…a person could always go exercise in nature or read a book instead :smiley:

As used above, “posting” = “pasting” the photo, not a link to it, directly into a message field on the board–not this board, another one that looks and functions exactly the same–by hitting Ctrl + V. I’d be more than a little surprised if nobody in this esteemed forum was familiar with doing this

Perhaps the other board recently changed it VB syntax and a simple control-V paste in the message box doesn’t get you there like it did before.

It’s google, not Win.7 or your browser.
You can’t copy an image/photo from a ‘list’ of google finds.
You have to click (double click?) the image among the other found image, to open it in it’s own window. Then you can copy THAT image/photo.
I just confirmed this with my Dell PC, & Chrome. I have a utility that allows me to see what’s in the Clipboard.