how to pass a drug test?

I have a drug test on Saturday. At that time, it will have been 12 days since I last smoked pot. I smoked for every day for about 3 weeks before that last time. Any advice on how to pass? I plan on drinking as much water as I can stand, in order to flush myself out. Any other ideas would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Don’t do drugs.

Next question!

haha – Just say know!

Study, study, study.

Water won’t do it, kid- it’ll just make you pee a lot.

The correct answer was already given above- if you know you are going to be tested, quit getting high. It is the only 100% effective way of passing the test.

Lots of people will probably come in to tell you how to get over on the testers, but they will mostly be ULs. Besides, none of those people have to face the consequences if YOU fail.
PS- this more of a IMHO thread…

I love you guys.

Okay, seriously. Take an empty 20oz bottle and mix in it pickle juice, cranberry juice, vinegar, GRAPE Kool-Aid powder, and squeeze of orange and…


You’ll still fail, but it’d be funny as hell to watch you drink that!

Oh, and I have a question. Why do you have to take a drug test?

We don’t allow discussions on how to circumvent the law on the SDMB.

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