How was your weekend?

Mine was incredibly dull, and I intend to live vicariously through your stories.

So, what did you do? Anything fun?

I drank too much on Saturday and played tennis in 33 degree heat on the Sunday. I watched the Lions get mauled by the Kiwis on Saturday afternoon after having yam cha with a friend who just failed the PCLL at the local university and claims he was discriminated against for being a free thinker. These kinds of meetings are not so uncommon since I wrote a book about my own experiences at the sam university, which became a bit of a sleeper hit. In the evening, a group of us who’d won a recent quiz got together to enjoy our reward (dinner at the restaurant of the club where we’re members). I was just about sober enough to avoid a major dressing-down from my wife at the post-mortem on Sunday morning. My wife was convinced I as flirting with this 50-something year old divorcee, but I said she was being ridiculous. Oh, I forgot to mention, Saturday was our wedding anniversary. Sunday, after tennis, while our daughter was at a birthday party, we had dinner with old friends. After that, my wife accused me of flirting with the 30-something year old Mainlander (or ‘Golddigger’ as local Hong Kong Chinese tend to call their cousins) who was there. I feel suitably chastised, but also secretly a bit (no - a lot) chuffed that I’m still obviously a babe magnet.

My new hip and I walked to the end of the driveway and back a few times. We managed to get me into the car (low seat, very bad) and took a few short drives.
I had an A and W root beer float. I watched endless hours of ridiculous TV shows.
But I also read half of Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen. Anyone who lives in Florida should know him, and probably many others do, too. His books are so funny. I think they all have 2 word titles, except for the childrens book that came out last year (Hoot. which is also very good).

Not terribly exciting, but maybe just enough of the outside world to make me feel human again.

I went to a Rockies game where my kid, in uniform, got to march around Coors Field with a whole bunch of other local baseball teams, then we watched the game where he and his teammates acted crazy to try to get on the monitor (and succeeded); I got sunburned and ate a crummy but expensive hot dog; the Rockies somehow missed turning what should have been a double play into even a single out, whereupon one of the kids’ coaches turned around and said, “Hey, you guys are better than that!”–and he was right; the Rockies’ relief pitcher who always has a really bad inning when I attend in person merely walked the bases loaded but did not (as he usually does when I am present) then provide a pitch that leads to a grand slam for the opposing team, but the Rox lost anyway (like we expected some other result, perhaps?).

And then all the kids under 15 were invited down to the field at the end of the game to run the bases, he, so we have footage of our 9-year-old rounding second on a major league field.

Then we went home and threw some steaks on the barbecue to get rid of the aftertaste of those hot dogs.

Actually all this mde it one of our most exciting weekends this summer. (As an added plus, it was 96 degrees and we were in the cheap seats in the sun, so it was almost hot enough for me.)

I would have KILLED for dull. See my (mis)adventures here.

Goofed with the baby until Miguel came home from work. Cooked cheap fish filets and macaroni and cheese. Goofed with the baby some more.

NOTICED A TOOTH! her first. :beams with pride:

Stayed up until around four goofing with the kid.

Sunday: Woke up around ten; ate cinnamon ice cream for breakfast.
Went to Freds. Paid the rent. Miguel barbequed chicken so I didn’t do a thing but heat tortillas. Goofed with the baby.
Still goofing with the baby at almost one in the morning.

Same ol’ good stuff.

Had hysterics Friday night at the thought of another storm coming through and knocking the power out, leaving me to continue trying to pack my entire house for an interstate move scheduled to happen in five more days without benefit of air conditioning or even a fan in the Louisiana heat and humidity. Wept on the phone to hubby, who’s been working at our new location for several months now. Checked flights and helped him reschedule his flight down from next Thursday to yesterday afternoon, subject to him successfully begging his boss for more time off. (She chortled with joy that I’m finally moving up there, which means he’s given up trying to get a job elsewhere in a lower cost area and he’s hers, hers, hers!, so said time off was granted without incident.)

Drove to the airport Saturday afternoon with two large dogs in the back seat and then drove around and around and around the airport in circles for 45 minutes, since there’s nowhere you’re allowed ot park and whenever I’m early to the airport his flight is late (and vice versa). Finally picked him up and tried to drive out of the airport with 150 lbs of dogs trying to climb into his lap with joy and exuberance. Came home and relaxed for the first time in way too long, slept 11 hours last night, and woke up feeling like a human being.

And today I watched Dennis miss us, heaved a sigh of relief not only for myself but for a friend in Pensacola who finally listened to all of us yelling at him and evacuated (and hopefully will have a house to go home to, but at least he wasn’t in it if it fell down), and got back to work.

Not very exciting, but at least a productive weekend.

Friday evening: Had a clothing mishap. Bruised knuckles spectacularly. Very embarrassed when I have to admit that it wasn’t that I decked someone or even punched a wall in a fit of rage, but ran into a wall while putting on a jacket.

Saturday: Had new tires fitted to the car. Expensive expedition. It took 2 hours too. I went to the local shops, which had the smallest Target on the planet and shopped for 2 hours. There isn’t all that much you can shop for in a tiny Target for 2 hours. When I had my car back, I went and picked up my speaker stands that had been ordered in for me. They were the wrong ones. They don’t make the ones I wanted anymore. Now I have mismatched speaker stands. Bought a hammer and plastic thingies to nail down cables so they don’t go in the wrong places. It’s a pink hammer. I feel very handy now, I own a hammer, a screw driver and a shifting spanner. Also bought 3 Muppet figurines at half price. I was very pleased with myself for that.

Sunday: Woke up at 7:46. Realised that I was supposed to be opening up my church (25 minutes away) at 8:00. Got there at 8:05. Think I set a new land speed record, but I’m not entirely certain. I don’t think I got any speeding tickets. Did the church thing all morning, but I wasn’t very awake. Went home. Had a nap, but not really. Was supposed to be cleaning the house, but it didn’t happen.

All in all, a not particularly exciting weekend, but not a dead loss either - the net result is a set of bruised knuckles (and bruised ego), a pink hammer, 3 muppet figurines and a very tired me.

Oh, I’m sorry! You had already started a “How was your weekend” thread!
I missed it completely. :smack:

On Saturday, I got a new group of students to teach piano- A wealthy family who heard of me through word-of-mouth :smiley: invited me over. I bought some beginner books I thought would suit them, and an electric metronome. The mom in particular really enjoyed my company and invited me to stay for dinner. I’m pretty confident I will get a lot more students thanks to her glowing reviews of my rapport with her son.

Sunday, I worked as an accompanist for the first time ever with the abovementioned family’s voice coach. I think the mom over-exaggerated my ability to the voice coach, because I had a really difficult time keeping up with the arias the students were singing. Things were frustrating, both for the voice coach and I. But hey, he paid me anyway, even though I though I did a god-awful job as an accompanist. So no harm, no foul! :smiley:

Well, I was at home (ie not my semester-time place in the city) on the weekend. I had the rather cool task of cleaning out a stable that has been gradually collapsing and accumulating crap for the last century and a half. There’s some nifty old stuff there - the old horseworks are still there, as well as many ancient bottles of dubious substances with the words “not to be taken” built into the glass. We had to shift a ridiculously heavy old dray axle, a ridiculously bulky harpsichord box (!), and some ridiculously dense bags of dry cement. Good times were had by all.

~ Isaac

I watched Coach Carter, which was fantastic. Then I watched The Life Aquatic with Steve Zizou, which was weird.

Then I carried on with Metal Gear Solid 3. I think I’m close to finishing the game… The Boss is waiting for me at the lake.

Sunday morning brought us Tom Cruise jumping around on Oprah’s couch. Creepy. Halfway through the show, I decided that giving my dog a bath would be more interesting. It was.

Then I watched a mostly boring F1 race. The only moments of excitment were when Alonso exited the pit lane alongside a flying Montoya. 1 second less in the pits would have brought him out ahead of Montoya, and that would have made the race more exciting. Still, my man is leading the championship by 26 points, and as long as Kimi keeps having engine trouble, I think Alonso will win it this year. Yay!

Saturday I went on a garden walk with my friend and her mother. It was interesting, but very hot-I got a bit of sunburn, despite mulitple applications of sunscreen–didn’t do my vitiligo any good.

Sunday, I went to church (and the A/C there was broken–every time I try to go to church in summer, the blessed A/C is broken…it must portent something!) and then mooched around the house. I sanded the front porch swing that needs refinishing and I also watered the new plants in the perennial bed on the west side of the house.

Very satisfying, slow weekend. And now off to work…

Cleaned carpets Friday night and Saturday morning. Whole house. Took carpet machine back and bought steaks corn and tator’s for the Wife and myself. Had a nice dinner.

Sunday - Went to an Jazz/Arts fest at a local ski area. Ehh. It was OK. Had a GREAT mexican meal. Then saw Batman Returns.

Watched a move and then in bed by 9:30.

Not much but kinda fun. I usually like to get more done.

Today I’m taking the day off to take my Dad for a check up. He hasn’t been to a Dr. for 30-40 years. Should be lot’s o fun.

It means about 230 miles of driving for me, so it’s going to be a long day.

Friday night was great: went and saw a killer guitarist (Billy Hector) with a friend – esp. nice since we were celebrating our reunion after a couple of months of Not Speaking. We stayed for all three sets – I haven’t closed a bar in 20 years. Very fun evening.

Saturday – nada. Napped, read, napped. (I just can’t stay up till 4:00 AM the way I could 20 years ago.)

Sunday – did some chores around the house, then went to do pizza and movies with my best friend – Love Me Tonight and Manos: Hands of Fate – then we went and drank iced coffee for a couple of hours.

Dodged a hurricane but still lost power. Hoping the evacuees from Florida get to go home so we can get a hotel room. With air conditioning!!

Friday- traveled from Vegas to Redlands, Ca for an SCA event- ate at a BJ’s restaurant- had avocado egg rolls and a pizookie with vanilla ice cream

Saturday- spent entire day at a park watching SCA fighting and stuff ate at a mexican/italian restaurant. Drove back to Vegas

Sunday sleep, swim and barbeque

Friday: formatted the drive of our new old laptop and reinstalled everything. Put in an ethernet card. Connected to Windows Update. IE crashed every time. Downloaded Netscape 8. It needed an update of IE to do dual rendering. Went looking for Netscape 7.2, installed that, it worked. Put on Spybot Search & Destroy. Then went to work on the database of my record collection.

Saturday - continued work on database. Was going to do the yard work, but it started to rain and didn’t quit. Wife was going to spend the evening with friends, but that got cancelled due to weather. Had a nice supper. Continued work on database.

Sunday - Hurricane Dennis. No internet until 2 PM. Then went to look at storm details, check mail, and then the power went out. Did not much of anything but go out to forage for food. Came back. Everybody in our subdivision had power but three streets, including ours. Wife and I played a game of Scrabble by candlelight, then went to bed. Woke up to power. Still no internet, and I’ve just learned that the whole area is out and may not be back up until Friday. Great.

I hosted a midget film festival at my father’s house. And drank too much.

I had a great (if tiring) weekend:[ul][li]Friday: I watched Hitch, and finished ripping all of my CDs to iTunes.[/li]
[li]Saturday: I spent all day volunteering at my town’s annual festival. There were two stages, a main stage and a kid’s stage, and I was the emcee for the kid’s stage. So from 9:30am to 5:00pm I managed all of the performers and the general public, all by myself . . . and I only had to refrain from saying “bite me” once! :smiley: The juggler and the magician were my favorites, but the clown kind of sucked. When I got home I took a quick shower, watched a bunch of X-Files episodes while I ate dinner, and went to bed early.[/li]
[li]Sunday: Pretty much a repeat of Saturday, but the day started at 10am. When I got home I (again) took a quick shower, and this time I watched Spellbound while I ate dinner. I also did my laundry, and went to bed later than I should have (I’m beat today!).[/ul][/li]This was my second year emceeing the kid’s stage at this festival, and at the end of the day I was asked to be on next year’s entertainment committee (and emcee again). I have fun doing it, so I accepted. That stupid clown won’t be coming back next summer if I have any say in the matter. :wink: