How well would Alex Trebek do if he were to play Jeopardy?

Did he get the job because he was smart at all? I don’t know anything about his background. Surely after having hosted the show for so long he’s probably learned a ton of stuff.

But I don’t know how often old Jeopardy clues get reused. Assuming he was able to remember many of the clues, would he be able to do well?

Would he be able to go up against the absolute masters, perhaps even Watson itself?

I think he’s probably a pretty smart guy, but would get his clock cleaned against the Jeopardy pros. He’d probably be able to win against the vast majority of players though.

Then again, I hear Jeopardy is all about the timing of buzzing in. He’s not exactly in the prime of his life, so I’m not sure if he’d have the reaction time necessary to win.

What do you all think?

Before all the Trebek haters get here, I’d like to say that I think he’d do pretty well under one condition: he gets the hang of the buzzer.

Assuming he gets the timing decently down, I think he’d still get destroyed by multiday winners, but would at least be able to hang with more normal people.

Trebek has made jokes about how he’d never get on the show if he had to take the test, so perhaps not well. I’m sure he’d get his clock cleaned by Watson, as I would also.

I don’t mean to hijack - but did anyone see the other night on Jeopardy that our own Straight Dope and Cecil Adams were mentioned in one of the clues?

I think it was Tues - I was not really watching but when Alex said “Straight Dope” I looked up from the computer.



They don’t reuse them.

He would kick serious butt! He’s got the cards with the answers on them! :smiley:

I should have assumed. Still have a case of vacationitis and the mind is still addled somewhat. Thanks for the linky to the discussion!

I recently read an interview with him and he said that at one time he would have done quite well, but he confessed that he has slowed down with age. He is around 20 years older than I am and I already understand what he means.

I met him at an audition many years ago, and he was asked, during a Q & A, how he would do if he competed. He answered that he’d hold his own in a senior tournament, but that he’d get smoked in regular play.

Moving to CS.

The cards with all the questions, too! :wink:

I’m sure Trebek could beat Wolf Blitzer

I’d like to see Trebek go up against Sean Connery.

This is a thing? I had no idea.

Sean Connery would like to see Trebek’s mother up against Sean Connery!

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Yeah, but that advantage would be cancelled out by his having to constantly run back and forth from MC’s podium to Contestant podium.

I apologize for being extremely silly.

A somewhat more serious question:
If Alex is going to be one of the contestants…
a) which contestant position does he get?
b) who should the other two contestants be?
c) who should moderate?

God, yes. Lots of people can’t stand the guy. My wife and I, for example.

Am I imagining things, or was Trebek once a contestant on Win Ben Stein’s Money?

He’d been hosting game shows for 20 years before he started the Jeopardy gig. I imagine he got the job either by auditioning or being selected on the basis of his previous work. He’s always had a kind of scholarly demeanor and I suppose that was the tone they were going for.

He does seem like a pretty smart guy, yes, but then I think I’m a pretty smart guy and I guarantee I would absolutely suck on Jeopardy. It takes a special kind of smarts to do well there, I think. Of course, Trebek surely wouldn’t get flustered or nervous by being on camera, and he knows every kind of strategy there is, so that would help him. I’m betting he’d do OK, maybe not stellar.