How would things be diffirent if I was a gorilla?

That is, what if an evil super-scientist transplanted my brain and vocal cords into a gorilla. How would the world seem diffirent to me? What could I do and not do that I can do now?

This sounds like just the kind of question folks like to play with in MPSIMS. Since I don’t think a factual answer is going to appear, I’m moving the thread over there.

You’d be clumsier; apes are built for strength over precision ( due to the muscles being anchored farther from the joints as I recall ).

Can do now that you couldn’t do after*: Wander about the land freely.

Can’t do now that you could do after*: Pull those who attempt to inhibit your free wandering apart limb from limb.

  • I’m assuming.

you won’t have to wait in line to buy fruit at the store. then you might not have to buy the food there at all.

You would get free shots of animal tranquilizer if you wander into town and start beating up people’s mailboxes.

Plus side: You can poop on anything/anyone and you won’t go to jail.

Down Side: Gorilla fingers are too big for Computers and Gaming Consoles.

You could play in movie remakes of the old Bowery Boys films.

Captain Ron: There’s g’rillas in those woods.

And most human girls.

If you’re a boy gorilla, your 1.5 inch penis might come a surprise.

That and discovering that girl gorillas don’t brush their teeth.

You would find yourself in a lot less arguements with people.

What about shoes? Could I wear some of the clothes I have now?

You’d be ideally suited for a job as an airport luggage handler.

How do you feel about being a vegetarian (at least for the most part)? Too bad; you are one now!

You would look hilarious in a baseball or bellboy’s uniform.

You’d have to get used to the mist.