How would you cast an "Iron Man" movie?

We’ve already done a “Cast a Green Lantern movie” thread, so I thought it would be only fair to cast another moderately popular superhero movie…Iron Man.

Now, for Iron Man/Tony Stark himself, I’m thinking either Tom Hanks or George Clooney. Probably Clooney, because Hanks would never do it in a million years.

And with a turn of the “Big Wheel’O’Stark’s Love Interests,” I’d pick said love interest as being…Julia “Spiderwoman” Carpenter. I’d probably want to cast Megan Follows or **
Jeanne Tripplehorn
in this role, just to see if I could pull it off. :wink: But that’d probably never go over well, so…I dunno, Linda Hamilton, maybe?

For Jim Rhodes/“War Machine,” either Tony Todd or Colin Salmon. But only if they get to use a full-sized, shoulder mounted, minigun.

Come to think of it, it might be best to either do the armor scenes fully CGI, or do them as partially CGI over body doubles who are fairly taller and brawnier than the characters “inside” the suits…kinda reinforcing the bulk of the armor.

Fight choreography will be something that’ll need special attention…we wouldn’t want this turning into yet another “Matrix” clone. Stark’s not a martial artist (at least, not in the timeframe of the movie) he’s an engineer in a suit of powered armor. He wouldn’t be doing flip-kicks, he’d just use raw, lumbering, mechanical strength. With some flying, and a fair amount of car-throwing.

The villain would be a little problematic, too…maybe if we made The Mandarin some kind of rogue North Korean general, or some such, and “adjusted” the name. Or just forgot about him entirely, and used the Crimson Dynamo and/or the Titanium Man.

So…any thoughts?

20 quatloos says “no.”

I’ll never forget an old interview with Cary Elwes on the Daily Show (back in the Craig Kilborn era), where he said he’d love to star in an Iron Man movie. I could see that, Elwes with dark hair and the Errol Flynn mustache. He could play Stark as a tortured alcoholic or a dashing playboy, or both.

If he were a little bit younger, I’d cast Tom Selleck, who look a lot like Tony Stark.

Well, I only have one requirement for the cast:

I am Iron Man.

Bob Costas
and OJ as War Machine

I’d go for Timothy Dalton as Iron Man. like what he looked in flash gordon.
or Eric Bana.

Let’s not put Eric Blanda in any more comic movies, mmmmkay?
I second Timothy Dalton, but only to play Tony Stark. I think some really good(i.e. Final Fantasy:TSW or LoTK cave troll) CG should play Iron Man. And Keith David’s voice and head for War Machine.

Tony Stark = Tom Sellick.

I’d use cast iron!

I can really see this. Although I do like the Timothy Dalton idea as well.

Kevin Kline.

Now let’s talk plot. The only possible scenario is IRON MAN vs IRON MAN.

Imagine a battle between the Marvel superhero and the embittered former savior of humanity from the Sabbath song. Stark will be called in to stop the other Iron Man’s rampage. Given the nature of these films, we know how it turns out, but the victor is left far more conflicted than he was before the fight and sympathizes to some extent with his feelings if not his methods. The realization that he could just as easily follow the same path causes him to start drinking heavily, thus setting up conflicts for the eventual sequel(s)

Ozzy Osborne as Iron Man…

Who better to play Iron Man than lovable old Bender Bending Rodriguez?

after all, he is 30% iron, better than any human meatbag…

Oh, God, the pain…

Peter Gallagher as Iron Man. (Dark features)

And uh…Sylvester Stallone as that crazy Russian War Machine.

Oddly enough, he has worked in an “Iron Man” production in the past…as T’Challa, “The Black Panther.” It’s a good omen, methinks.