Howling wind: does it comfort you, too?

The winds have been pretty strong here lately. I live high up, so I get much wind against my windows. Strangely, though, I find it comforting. It’s like, the wind is out there, but I’m in here where it’s warm, so that’s good. I feel safe. I stay in bed (luckily I’m off work because of an injury) and just enjoy the warmth.

I can’t be the only one who finds the sound of the wind somewhat comforting…

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A lot of my friends and family think I’m strange because I enjoy thunderstorms. The flash of the lightning, the boom of the thunder, the rain blowing in the wind… I love it. The louder the better. I’m not sure why I like it so much, but I always have as long as I can remember. Maybe I’m just channeling Thor or something?

wehere were you brought up? In a remote & gloomy castle on the Scottish moors?
Was you first pet the Hound of the Baskervilles?

Or, is your family under the Curse of the Werewolf; and, therefore, you are your own first pet?

With a name like scott evil, you gotta wonder. :smiley:

I like the sound of thunderstorms and wind too! It’s the whole “I’m inside and it can’t catch me nah nah nah nah nah

On a related note, I’m also one of those Fan People. I have been sleeping with a fan on my whole life, just for the soothing sound - even in the winter (which is damn cold in Ottawa! brrr…)

Love it.
I love howling wind, storms, torrential downpours, the whole bit.
When I was little and living in Florida, I would get secretly a bit disappointed when the ubiquitous hurricane watches panned out to be nothing (this is before I realized that mortgages, insurance companies, FEMA were harsh realities.)
Short of damage to my home, I am still all about some serious wind or storms. Love it. I think it’s kind of…romantic. Not in the boy/girl way, but in the world-is-more-interesting-right-now kinda way.

[sup]…or boy/boy way, or whatever combination works, as it were[/sup] :wink:

No, since it makes me worried about tornadoes.

I love weather. Blizzards, windstorms, thunderstorms, fog. It makes me feel powerful and alive. My senses jump. That great clean smell just before the thunder and lightening, the orange cloud before a big snow, damp coolness of a thick fog, the pounding and whistling of high winds. Ahhhh, I’m tingling just thinking about it!

I love the wind rattling the windows and making the fire in the wood stove make those windy sounds. Thunderstorms and blizzards are my favorites - as long as the house is nice and cozy. [grumble] Silly California and it’s perpetual sun…[/grumble]

Oh Lord no!

Howling wind doesn’t creep me out but it will put me in a bad mood. I’m no friend of the wind, and always find myself grumpy on windy days.

Mr Cazzle is a fan sleeper too. I can handle that just fine, I just can’t stand the wind.

My SO likes the sound of the wind. He likes to leave the bedroom window open on windy winter nights, so that he can hear it better. Brrr.

As a little kid, I lived in the intermountain west of the US, where the wind would blow fairly steady for days at a time. The sound of that kind of wind takes me back to my childhood and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Esp. if it’s like the rattling of aspen leaves.

Neal Stephenson’s chapter on dust devils in “Cryptonomicon” also took me back. Wind has interesting effects.

Ummmm, yeah…

Lucky you.

I LOVE howling wind. Whenever it’s really windy out I’ll open the window just a crack so that I get a really nice low whistling sound. I will turn off the stereo in order to better hear the wind. It’s a beautiful sound; it reminds me that the world is alive. I love the wind.