How's your bowling season going?

There might not be enough league bowlers on this board to support this thread, but I figured I’d try. Wouldn’t be the first time I’d had a thread go down in flames.

League for me started three weeks ago. Sunday nights, four-man teams, 90% of 210. If I’ve remembered my figures correctly, I’m averaging 185 for the three weeks, shooting my first 600 series of the year this past week. I’m hoping for the average to creep up a bit; I had a pretty awful week the prior week that dragged me down.

As for the team, we’ve still got a vacancy, and we only got our third bowler this past week, so I expect us to hang around the bottom this season. I can’t remember whether we have 10 teams or 12. It’s my first year with this league, so I’m just getting to know people and trying to have fun. I’ve been out of league for a while, and I’m just happy to have the time to bowl competitively again.

So, tell me how your season is going!