HTTP question

IE 6 (can’t go to 7 or non-IE browser for work policy reasons) has suddenly stopped pre filling the HTTP in front of addresses and is causing problems.

Examples : it was the case at one time that I could just type “mail” in the address bar at it would fill in the HTTP in front of this and take me to my Outlook web access. No longer, I get some page unless I manually type http://mail.

I am sure that this is some silly setting that I can not find. Any thoughts?

Have you changed your DNS recently?

Nope, and I am almost positive that this is a workstation issue. This is a multi thousand user WAN type environment and no one else seems to be having this trouble. What we have tried
Flushed DNS
Release and Renew IP
Add domain to trusted sites
Cleared SSL state
Reset IE to default settings
Installed all available updates.

My gut is telling me this is somewhere in tools–>options and either security or advanced area but I am not having a lot of luck.


Have you changed the settings or cleared the memory of Auto-Complete?

The setting for Internet_Options/Advanced/Search_from_Address_Bar may be it if is your default search engine.

I really hate to be the “no it’s not that” guy but…

I am downloading SP3 and I think I may re image if that fails. Nuke the hard drive from order, as it were.