Hydra vs. Cobra

And the victor is…?

Which hydra, and which cobra?

In zoology, my money is on the cobra. In mythology, the result could be different.

If it’s the silly villain organization, my money is on ACROSTIC (“A Corporation, Recently Organized, Solely To Instigate Crimes”)

A Cobra would kick a Hydra’s ass. :smiley:

From what I’ve heard (never a GI Joe fan), Cobra suffered from extreme incompetence and the kids’-TV dictum that nobody ever dies. Hydra on the other hand was much more competent; typically foiled at the last minute by superhuman intervention, and they did kill people. My guess is that the leadership of Cobra (and a few thousand other people) get killed early on by an NBC weapon that gets snuck into their headquarters.

It’s HYDRA, and it would probably kick Cobra’s ass before breakfast. The Cobra guys are gonna be surprised that after a five minute shootout in a crowed room there will actually be dead bodies.

I say they settle it the old fashioned way,

Madame Hydra vs. Baroness. Winner takes all.

I give it to the casual killer with poison fangs.

Yeah, but the venom would be diluted by the Jell-o they’re wrestling in.

Even in the TV series, Cobra was competent (by 80s cartoon standards). They always lost to the Joes, yes, but it was because the Joes were BETTER (by 80s cartoon standards).

In the comics, both Marvel and IDW (not at all familiar with Devil’s Due - but it, along with the later Marvel, is no longer in continuity, anyway), they’ve even been allowed some fairly major successes, despite the fact that the upper echelons - Cobra Commander, Destro, the Baroness, Tomax and Xamot, and Doctor Mindbender, particularly - engage in some fairly major backstabbing. (Doctor Mindbender and Cobra Commander are both currently dead, due to Cobra’s rather violent internal politics, but the organization goes on.)


-Joe (Sphinx!)

Boom! Yummy.

A.I.M. could beat COBRA.
Hell, even K.A.O.S. could beat COBRA.

Obligatory Cracked article: Cobra was a mashup of Marvel’s Hydra and DC’s Kobra.

Reviving this zombie to say:

Movie HYDRA beats movie Cobra easily.

On the other hand, movie HYDRA falls apart as soon as its leader dies. Cobra, in most of its incarnations, is much more resilient to the deaths of its senior officers: Whenever one dies, another takes over nearly seamlessly.

Wasn’t Cobra Commander a used car salesman? I have no problem with his being defeated by someone with actual military experience.

The surprising thing is that he holds up as well as he does.

That’s true for the TV show Cobra, Der Trihs From Three Years Ago, but the comic book Cobra was much more effective, and racked up a decent body count over the course of the book. Comparing those versions is going to be a much closer match.

That was only in the comics, where (as I and Miller have already mentioned), Cobra was quite effective and quite deadly.

P.A.G.A.N. could take them all. :stuck_out_tongue: