I am an official, paid member

Whooo hoooo! Finally, being a long time lurker and poster…I have officially joined!


Oh, I thought you said “Plaid Member.”

But congratulations anyway.

Alright! The goat and calamari will be here shortly.

you’ve no doubt learned the handshake then, right?

Um, actually, somehow the goat got into the calamari – could someone give me a hand (no! not a tentacle! a hand!) here?

Welcome, Canadiangirl – we’ll be right with you – have a seat over there and relax for a few minutes – and pay no attention to the bleating and splashing in the next room…

Guys! Help! Where did the whipped cream and Silly String go?

Oh! cough Hi, there, Canadiangirl! big kiss from a fellow female Canuckistani

Because you’re a fellow canadian, I am going to bend the rules here. Take two of these. They will help you find a happy place during the welcome. Trust me. You will not find a happy place without help once… well. You’ll see.

Welcome here.

Wow. We are getting a nice little sub-group from Canadia forming around here. That will come in handy when we all have to leave the country for “personal reasons.”

Welcome to our frozen friends! We’ve got a nice warm goat for you, right over here…

Welcome aboard from another canuck. (:

Welcome, Canadiangirl.

So what is this I hear about a goat? And is it only that the Canadians get warm ones, and we get cold ones? :confused:

Hi Canadiangirl, be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

We Canadians only got the warm goat once, in 1960, for 20 minutes.

ok, I’ll bite - what’s with the goat thing? And I love calamari, not breaded though. What’s with that?

Some intro things about me aside from my current whiney thread…married five years; no pets although I would like one, hubby doesn’t…love travelling Mexico…I am renovating house…favourite drink is vodka martini with three olives or any kind of beer except Rickards Red (blech)…favourite animals are whales, especially belugas, that’s about all.

Ooooo! She doesn’t know! We’re gonna have some fun tonight!

YAY! More Canadians!

You can borrow my goat.

For 20 minutes.

In the 1960’s?

did i hear something about marinara sauce or mariana is coming to the party or something???

Welcome, Canadiangirl! Enjoy your stay in this pit of lunacy, er, I mean, place of delightful companionship!

<innocent look> :slight_smile:

:: sploosh :: :: slither ::
AAAIIEEEE!! %$#*&!!
GRAB YANK pop pop
:: removes tentacle from face ::

I think the calamari’s just about… ‘ready’, now.

Yeah. ‘Ready’.


[sub]Why is it always tentacles?!![/sub]

Don’t. Borrow. The. Goat. REPEAT. Don’t. Borrow. The. Goat.

Run! Run before the goat gets you!