I am familiar with the strangest people.

In a thread I posted in late November, I introduced you to Casey, who I now feel comfortable using her real name because she has since become a public figure.

Tonight I introduce you to another person who will be anonymous, at least until she too appears on a reality television “pity” series, miss Jane Doe.

The father of her children recently informed her that she should respect him, because he makes a living as a successful pimp.

“Good,” she says. “Now you can help me take care of your son. Send me some of that money to help pay for his diapers and doctor visits.”

His response was to insist that one of the several men she is currently dating ought to be the ones helping her take care of his child, not him. I think the exact words were something like “what, yo’ man ain’t got no money?”

The conversation went on for awhile until miss Jane Doe implied that she didn’t want to have to prostitute herself to make ends meet. The following is an extremely abbreviated synopsis of the remainder of the conversation.

She informs him she’s considered prostitution. He angrily responds that if he sees her on the street, he’ll pick her up (I assume it means she’ll be one of his “bitches”). She ends the conversation with him, and then informs me that she’s going to go prostitute herself tonight to prove to him that he had better start respecting her.

Yes, that was the logic miss Jane Doe used to justify selling her body on the street. She wants her son’s father to respect her.

This isn’t TV, folks. This really happened, less than two hours ago. Right now someone’s mother is on the street prostituting herself just to spite her baby’s father.

These sort of awkward, surreal encounters seem to be escalating in intensity. Stay tuned next month, when I’ll probably have a story about a person who tried to sell their (no longer attached) testicles to the pizza delivery guy.

I am only going to say that Yes, you are familiar with the strangest people.

Wow, maybe Casey and my idiot cousin should hook up. He moved to Vegas a few months ago to get out of his unhealthy relationships and stop drinking. :rolleyes: He has since hit my sister up for money because he “forgot” to look for a job.