I am going to quit my job and travel the world...mark my words!

I just got back from 45 days in Europe.

My life has just changed drastically for the better!

I have learned many things on my trip.

My job sucks.
The city where I live is a shithole (though I knew that before)
Meeting new people is fun.
I am more outgoing than I thought I was.
Culture is out there
I am young and ready for fun!
My city is a shithole

I can’t wait to quit my job. I’ll be happy if I last til Christmas!


On one condition: keep your Dope membership and post pictures from every place you go to, so that we Dopers with 9-to-5s, mortgages and kids can live vicariously through your adventures on the road. :smiley:

One huge piece of advice.

Your plan is possible but you need to understand your finances down to the tiniest scale. Without that, you are just spewing a dream in our general direction and it means nothing. Compromise plans may just include European vacations every year.

I will be teaching abroad, there is no stopping me!

I will at least give it a try, naysayers be damned! :slight_smile:

Re: going overseas:
Take twice as much money and half as many clothes as you think you’ll need.

And if you can get in on a Working Holidaymaker program, you’re golden. :slight_smile:

My brother did it, for nearly two years (generally travelling, no working). Best time of his life. He’d also recommend taking fewer clothes than you think. Good luck!

I was addicted to a website that was the story of a guy who was working on doing this. Travelhead.com, I believe. Some of his stuff is really neat to read. Please, Quasimodal, consider making a blog or something so others can read about it. Good luck!


This is a great plan.

I did this several times and went away to exotic locales for months and months at a time. My friends thought I was mad. I had a fabulous time, became addicted to the traveling and have never once regretted the time I spent doing it or making it happen.

If you’re serious, and I assume you are, you must avoid debt like the plague. The key is your ability to save money, if you can learn this one skill it will serve you well the rest of your life AND take you around the world if you’re so inclined.

Where will you be teaching english and how long is your contract?

Methinks he doesn’t have the contract yet.

I third the “when come back bring pics.” :slight_smile: While my reasons for changing careers and countries have been much more mundane than people tend to assume (for example “I was unemployed and was offered a job over there”, as opposed to “I wanted to discover exotic tropical locations”), the big changes have always been quite exciting and interesting learning experiences. And while I hate my current customer/employer, the knowledge I’ve acquired in this particular project is still good to have (“do not take a contract with a pharma company again if you can help it” - my second pharma place, and the two pharma companies are among my three worst jobs).

You sound like me back in those days.

Follow that plan - it is a great idea.

I don’t regret a single moment living over there, teaching, running around Europe, meeting new people, discovering new places and feeling freer than I had ever felt in my life.

Go. And don’t look back.