I Am So Angry!

Fucking lying, cheap, no good, ugly bastard. Fuck you, you stupid jerk. I wish I could kick you right in the goddamned ass, head and teeth. You fucking fuck.

I hate having to talk to your fucking lying manipulative fucking ass.


I want to choke the every living shit out of you and bang your head on the floor. I want to beat you with a lead pipe over every inch of your ugly smelly body.

I wish you really did have the brain tumor you lied to me about you stupid fucker.

This is the last straw. I am through with putting up with your bullshit and trying to make co-parenting with you easy and amicable. We’re going through the courts and you’re going to pay every goddamned penny she deserves.

Fucking fucker.

How dare you try and threaten me? Like I’m afraid of you, you sorry sack of shit. Go ahead and try to take her away from me, go right ahead and try. You don’t have a fucking leg to stand on no matter what evil shit you try to think up. You’re the one shacking up with a married woman. You’re the one with the unstable job situation. You’re the one with the questionable relatives and friends in and out of jail.

I want to kick your fucking teeth in and kick some more. Fucking asshole.

Does anyone know a good family law lawyer in Northern VA?

Stupid fucker.

I just don’t know what to say. :eek:

Oh yeah…be careful, mornea. He sounds like a dangerous one.

He sounds dangerous? Sounds to me like he needs to watch out for mornea, she’s the one with the lead pipe plans…

No I would never do anything to physically hurt him. Just 8 years of frustation with the deceit and manipulations coming out.

After the relatively heated exchange via voicemail this morning I still was very polite this afternoon when we finalized what week he’ll have our daughter this month. And I never, ever talk bad about him or show a negative attitude anywhere remotely near our daughter. And I don’t plan to start. As much as I can’t stand his sorry ass, she still loves him and I won’t do anything to get between them.

I still hate every cell of his body. Fucking jerk. I can’t wait until I never have to speak to him again.

GODDAMN I’m mad!

He had the audacity to say that if I didn’t start paying half of her afterschool care that he’d take her to live with him. He actually said that I wasn’t “doing my fair share and that he was tired of being nice and paying for everything”.

Fucking asshole. He gives me $194 a month (always, always late and after many reminder phone calls) and somehow that supports her? What the fuck? I’m not doing my fair share? I house, feed and clothe the girl plus provide the after school activities, the movies and all the extra stuff that makes a well rounded person. That $194 doesn’t even fully cover the cost of her aftercare he’s complaining about paying - which of course somebody has to make up the difference.

But I’m not doing my fair share.

Fucking jerk. I’ve been extremely lenient with him over the past few months and my SO has been paying for a lot of stuff for my daughter because this sorry sack of shit is so “depressed and can’t handle any more stress”. Stop stealing from work and you wouldn’t be so worried about your damn job. Treat your girlfriend right and you wouldn’t have to worry about her cheating. Bastard.

Fuck you. Shit. You make almost twice my salary, have a nice house, 3 cars (all in pristine condition) and one company car. Stop being so fucking cheap with your kid.


I would call an attorney, that’s for sure.

I don’t know about where you live, but here the DA is crazy about dead-beat parents. The DBP ALWAYS gets it stuck to them. Maybe contact the DA’s office?

You might as well get a lawyer on retainer and start bringing him/her up to speed. You’re going to need one.

Best of luck!

mornea, whatever else happens, please, please, please do your best to hide the anger you’re expressing in this thread from your children, as hard as that may be. And especially hide any arguments about money…

Good luck.

I give this one a 9. Some people need to hear lots of creative insults to give a rant a high score, but sometimes lots of "fucking fucker"s is just what gets the feeling across.

That stupid fucker.

Hopefully he doesn’t know you post here, so this won’t come back to haunt you later.

I was thinking the same thing.

Good luck, mornea.

And your the one threatening his well being, all the things I read not one says “Your a piss poor dad” but what I do read is “Violent tendencies”
Shacking up with a married woman? Who gives a shit.
Unstable job situation, yeah times are hard in the good ol US of A.
Oh so his fucking relatives matter? No where did you say he was a bad father, but when you want to fight you have to bring his relatives into it. What did they share the fathering?

Maybe he is just saving money to fight for custody of his child

So informal, its just “the girl” a pawn to fight over.

I would say good luck, but with the venom you spewed I am just wishing the best of luck to your child and hope she gets the best of the situation. He may be a dick, but you also have some apparent problems to work out yourself.

Wow. Judge much, Lost Goals?

She is pissed off. People get angry and use hyperbole/punch walls/cry like a baby to get their emotions out. She was venting and I seriously, SERIOUSLY doubt she really plans on beating the father of her child with a lead pipe.

Meaning: she understands her daughter needs her father, she’s just pissed off at the moment.

And calling her daughter “the girl”… I’m not going to waste my time explaining why your assertion is just. plain.

…Preview is my friend.

Lost Goals, it is my impression that mornea is here venting copiously because she is making all kinds of efforts to not do it in real life, where it will affect her daughter. Good for her for taking this route.

mornea, get a lawyer (and a counsellor - that’s a whole lot of rage you got there). Your ex is obviously seeing things differently from you, and it doesn’t bode well for the future. Best of luck to you and your daughter.

No this is the typical rant of a person who thinks they should be the "primary" parent of a child.

Step by fucking step, accuse the other person of having a bad family/friends and all that.
If this wasn’t a child custody situation I would think it was just a jealous rant about an ex moving on, in between a bunch of beating with lead pipes and teeth kicking.

I agree its best here away from the child, but anyone capable of ranting with this level of hatred needs to find a person to talk to and have it figured out.
I read this and think that the ex had a preview of this from her and ran like a cat from a bath.
Maybe I read it wrong, but I know my ex tried all this same bullshit with me when we went through our custody battle. And if it wasn’t for me hiring a PI her shit slinging might of stuck.
They must pass out a handbook to women to use in a custody case, the guy is a manipulative bastard, he has a bad family, criminal friends, tries to cheat me out of money.
All along with the ever present I was trying to be amiable until he did this or that.

Maybe she does deserve to be primary parent, and all of your sympathy and good lucks, but nothing in her rant showed that or earned that.

Her point with the car comment, it seems, is that money is obviously not an issue for him, and yet he’s quibbling with her over the cost of an afterschool program he’s not even fully funding. I don’t get that either, and it makes him sound a bit clueless, at best.

Jesus flipping freakity fuckwhack, LostGoals, get a grip.

Maybe, sometimes (godforbiditshouldbethisway) the Pit is just for someone to vent. In spite of the crap people want to spit back, it’s just a place to fucking vent. I know I’ve spewed some venom in here, and ya know what? Who fucking cares. It’s the Pit. Whoopty shit. Hey, that rhymed.

LostGoals, while you may have some valid points, it doesn’t benefit anyone to be nasty to the person in high emotional straits. Don’t argue with a hothead using hotheaded remarks. It won’t often work and makes you look like a nasty person. Honestly, I don’t mean to sound like an ass, but I know from experience (albeit real-life experience) that it helps to be diplomatic.

mornea, funeste makes an excellent point. You may find it advisable to…moderate…a bit. Just in case. This is serious shit, not like pitting your local mechanic.

It’s impossible to judge circumstances from this situation but, dude, take him for what he’s worth. If your case is legitimate the courts will find in your favor. In any case, hopefully any litigation will be decided reasonably. Good luck.