GET A CLUE PEOPLE! You are either Frustrated or Flustered… figure it out and then get back to me!

Is this a strange Missouri word or are we just special?

Some people are just irregardless of their vocabulary. I always want to axe them to stop talking like that (unless they are volumptuous women).

You got something against asians being Frustered? (Apologies to the asians, stereotypes are funny sometimes, I know you don’t all speak like that)

Anyway, you know there’s another user named Miss B. Haven. That could get confusing.

you’ve never been frustrated because your flustered??

hehe ok i’ll admit it…i’ve never even heard of that word, but it’d get on my nerves too.

Shhh…It’s OK. It’s me. Miss B. Haven was too hard to search for so I had them squarsh :slight_smile: it all together.

Oh ok… it’s a secret, hush hush. I’ll keep it on the lowdown. :wink:

A Missouri word? Oh Damn, was I supposed to pick up a translator before I entered this state? damn, how come no one tells me this shit until it’s too late??!

By the way WTF is a “hoosier”???

Being a hoosier I can clue you on in the horrible nickname. Supposedly many many years ago someone said Whos yer state to someone in Indiana and they got the bright idea to make Whose yet into Hoosier…
:::ducks and runs like the dickens:::

That should read Whose yer damn this working from midnight-4am crap I cannot think anymore

Tiki…umm okay thanks but why are toothless rednecks who dream of either being a.)country singers or b.)wrestling stars calling me a hoosier? Do I need to rip a few of my pearly whites out and wear a John Deere cap constantly in order to fit in here?

Well if you look normal the people who were borned and raised in Indiana can tell your not a native. As for myself I was born and raised mostly in Ohio. So I’d say stick to being a decent lookin’ person and keep those teeth.

I am so glad you started this thread.

This is not a Missouri thing. I live in MI and my wife CONSTANTLY uses “Flustrated” instead of “Frustrated”. I pick on her about it every time I hear her say it (very light heartedly of course).

She gets it from her mother who also drives me crazy when saying the following:

“Grand Rapidids” instead of “Grand Rapids”
“Ceilink” instead of “Ceiling”
“Pitcher” when she means to say “Picture”

Nucyuler instead of nuclear.

Boy, that misspronunciation makes me go it.

And the father of Indiana is…

Hoosier Daddy!

Ohhhhhhh…I get it. Flustrated.

Gee, I thought you meant Flu-Strated.

You know, like if a doctor’s waiting room is full of people sick with the flu, and the doctor is trying to diagram what’s going on. Out comes John Madden with the Telestrator[sup]TM[/sup] to draw yellow squiggly stuff all over our TV screens, and yell “Boom” and “Gezhundeit” real loud and obnoxious-like.


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Shouldn’t that be Squash?

My loser ex-roommie used to say “flatigued”. And to him, “nemesis” was “nemnis”. This is a guy who wants to be a producer. I was embarrassed for him when he was trying to sell a racing script and kept mispronouncing names. He couldn’t say “Matsushita” (“matSUshta”) when he was trying to tell other people about possibly getting support from that team. There’s also a Mexican driver sponsored by the maker of salsa and other Mexican foods. I don’t remember the name, but he kept mispronouncing it.

A co-worker was razzed for saying “fiefdom” incorrectly. She rhymed it with “eye-dom”. And I see actors mispronouning words all the time.

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That’s what the “:)” was for…

So. Texas checking in.

My husband gets flustrated. He also warshes his hands and squarshes bugs. He’s fixin’ to go warsh his hands cuz squarshin’ that bug got him all flustrated. The worst part was when it writhled around for a bit.

I love him, but sometimes I’d like to club him with a dictiionary. And dont get me started about idioms.

Ohh. I didn’t see that.

See, I’ve specially trained myself to ignore smilies. I abhore them.

Now I see that it was meant in jest.