I am very glad I'm not the mayor of Cleveland

The 2008 Republican National Convention was in my hometown. I know a few people in city government and it was a hectic and stressful time.

This one seems to be one where the mayor is probably calling around asking everyone if they can spare a SWAT team and tripling his order of tear gas from his original estimate. Poor Kasich will probably have to call out the national guard for his own convention.

There were doom and gloom predictions for New York City in 2004 with Bush’s renomination. Outside of a well behaved march, there were no major incidents.

Yes, but I don’t remember W threatening riots if he did not get the nomination.

2004 was a bit different. It was a stage-managed uneventful rubber-stamp of a sitting President. I mean, sure you could expect a scattering of dirty hippies doing silly things outside, but mass protests were off the table.

This year is a bit different. Whatever the outcome it’s going to be highly contentious. Trump gets a majority of delegates and gets nominated on the first ballot is the best possible outcome civil disorder wise. Anything else and various people of various ideologies are going to be taking to the streets and it could get very ugly very fast. And the whole world will be watching.

The silver lining. :smiley:

Why not? A bunch of GOP congressional staffers staged the Brooks Brothers Riot in Miami in 2000 just for him. And for Fox viewers. Which included the key Supreme Court justices.

Look, Cleveland is already Cleveland. How much damage could a riot do?! :wink:

I don’t know what the OP is talking about. I have such fond memories of Chicago in 1968 during the Democratic convention there…

If you have any memories, you weren’t really there! :wink:

Listen here, as a Detroit native, as someone who comes from a midwestern town that’s had it’s share of hard knocks and negative national attention, this kind of comment makes me… glad to have some other city taking the attention off Detroit for once.

I have often referred to Cleveland as “Detroit without the glamour”. :smiley:

Even if Trump gets nominated on the first ballot, you still have the Trump Racists (#noteverytrumpsupporter) spoiling for a fight, colliding with what I expect to be a large BLM contingent. Add the BernieBros who have decided that they need to make it understood to Trump supporters that white people don’t like racism (who I suspect in a Venn diagram have some overlap with WTO protesters, who have gotten good at disruptive), and the increase in carrying we’ve had in the past decade.

I am not vacationing in Cleveland in July. (Not like I was going to, as its been pointed out, its Cleveland).