I battle the forces of evil from my hidden lair, deep in the junkyard.

Whilst persuing this thread, I wondered who else amongst the Teeming Millions is in this situation.

Our PC is situated in the very back room of the house, which we ostensibly think of as my room. By this, I mean that it houses:

the PC, which I use a fair bit more than Mrs. Skeezix

the great big honkin’ desk I built for it, since pre-fab furniture is never quite right for the space available

the former living room TV and VCR (when we bought a new one of each of these a bunch of years back, the old ones came out here)

my extensive video tape collection of really bad movies, that pretty much no one in the house but me can sit through

the boxed up comic book collection I can never quite work up the enthusiasm to sell off

and, well, you get the idea.

It’s my Fortress of Solitude; my Bat Cave; my hidden Rebel Base; my “Daddy’s goofing off on the boards again” room. It’s the playground for my inner child, if you will.

Now it’s a decent sized room, but it’s always cramped for space. See, everything that Mrs. Skeezix either can’t quite find the right place for yet, or can’t fit in another room until we do some furniture shuffling, or that needs to go into long term storage, alla that crap ends up in boxes, bags and piles, on every available surface.

I can’t even say that it’s just because this is the “back room”, since my den (and Mrs. Skeezix’ clutter, of course) used to be in the Skeezling’s room, before she came along, and that’s right off the living room. And at that time, this room was pretty spartan, as we never used it all that much.

So I ask you, those with the room in your apartments/houses for this admitted luxury, guys, is this an isolated thing? Do a lot of gaming geeks have thier little play-room stuffed full of thier SO’s clutter?

Ladies? Is the reverse true for any of you? Your SO store all their boxes of pack-rat “I can’t get rid of that” stuff in every free inch of floor space in your play room?

Down the stairs, through the family room, last door on the left. Combination computer/music/junk room & kids’ toy storage. I’m slowly losing control of it though. I keep saying “I’ll just pay the mortgage and try to stay out of everyone’s way.”

In our house it’s the master bedroom. We’re fortunate to have a large (20x30 ish) master BR. The problem is that all that space invites clutter. In addition to the queen size bed and BR furniture, the PC and PC desk are in there as well as the printer and scanner table. There are also 2 large wingback chairs we got when here grandmother died. We don’t need or use them but there is sentimental value involved. There are also several large boxes of photographs that my wife has been going to put in albums for about 3 years now. There are 2-3 large art prints that she hasn’t quite decided where to hang. There’s the antique flip top desk that was her grandmothers and various and sundry other stuff, both large and small. It’s amazing to me that in a 600 square foot room I have to carefully pick a path to the bed.

I lost my “office” to the birth of my third child. I now have a desk that’s officially mine but it usually has my wife’s & kids’ stuff all over it.


I have no place in my house.

Unless I’m mistaken about lost4life, the data so far suggests that it’s the gaming guys who store their wives’ junk, and %75 of us are dads who get the added bonus of greasy kids stuff added to it.

To be fair though, she’s only got her box of playdough out here, all the rest of it is her mother’s. But, she’s only two. Give her time.

Oh, wait. I’ve been stepping over that red tricycle for so long that it had blended into the floor. And the little plastic table and chairs that don’t fit in her room anymore are at that bottom of that pile of stuff in the corner.

It’s spreading by the second. Yeesh.

Well, today my MIL was talking about buying my 4 year old a race track set. She asked where we could set it up and in my mind I just wrote off 25% of my room…

I thought this thread was going to be about Junkyard Wars. :smack:

I was thinking it would be about those old Three Investigators novels…

Actually this one crossed my mind.