I blew up a Toastmasters group last night

I remember one time the daily lottery numbers on 9/11 were 911. It was on the news with the caption “what are the odds?”

To which I couldn’t help but respond “uh, about one-in-a-thousand.”

The GQP’s heads will be spinning like Whizzers!

Here’s one for you: count the letters in the name of our 40th president: Ronald. Wilson. Reagan.

Emily Latella.

So, what does any of this to do with toast? I like mine with lots of butter, sugar, and cinnamon.

There’s a Britishism - strictly, a British version of this - which fits well here, better underscoring the unequal nature of the contest. Spoilered to protect those easily offended:

He brought a fart to a shitfight.


ETA - looking forward to an update, @JohnT.

I grew up in Alaska, where that attitude was prevalent. But, having my own mind, and the ability to think for myself, I was able to educate myself and reach my own conclusions about people. Sadly, a lot of people just believe what they are told without questioning it.

As usual, the Brits say it better! I’m going to incorporate this phrase into my vocabulary forthwith.

Really, this was too good a line for me not to put it on Facebook where Greg could see it. He responded to my last post above, as did a couple of his friends. I ignored Greg’s response, making sure not to click on it - I want it to go unread for the end of his days, if possible - but I did make sure to respond to another one of his friends:


An update worth waiting for.


Yabbut what I really want to know is if you ever bought Greg’s painting.

Lol, no, I did not. Plenty of places where one can source overpriced art, tbh.