I call BS on Tom Cruise's Red Carpet Soaking

Cruise has gotten a bad rap for his immature behavior regarding his romance with Katie Holmes. Maybe the relationship is all PR, maybe not. Who knows?

But as I am sure you have seen, he was drenched by a phony reporter on the red carpet at the opening of his new movie in London.

But look at the video a bit closer. (choose your favorite online news source, it’s there) Before the water is sprayed you can see the royal blue towel come into frame for a brief moment. Then he is squirted and someone almost immediately hands him this blue towel to wipe his face down. How many royal blue hand towels are usually on the red carpet? And how often are they so handy when a star gets squirted?

Also, the water only hits his face, which is easily enough wiped off allowing him to go on.

The squirter just stands there and says nothing but is holding back a huge grin. Do you really think his plan was to squirt Tom and then stand there and take a tongue lashing from the star?

I posit that it was all staged so that Cruise could handle a difficult situation in a manly and level-headed fashion to repair his recently damaged image.


That almost makes too much sense.

Does anyone have a link to a clear video of the incident? The best I could find is really blurred and obviously edited down.

Apparently the four pranksters have been arrested…so I’m tending to believe the incident was real. The towel COULD have come from one of them. They might have simply thought Cruise would laugh it off. (I have yet to see the video of the actual spraying…I’ve only seen Cruise’s reaction).

Here’s my take: I think Cruise is a somewhat talented actor, but totally brainwashed by one scary cult of lunatics. BUT I have to say I’m with him on this one. There is nothing funny about being sprayed with a squirtgun in public for a prank. It’s annoying as hell and I would be just as angry as Tom appears to be in that video. It’s a stupid prank, totally pointless and without a shred of wit. Also, he’s a high-profile celebrity surrounded by thousands of people in a public place…you do NOT ‘attack’ someone like that for a joke. (Yes, I realize it was water…but what if it was battery acid or something worse?)

As much of a whack-job I think Tom Cruise has become, I can’t deny the fact that he DOES appear to genuinely enjoy his fans and he does seem to go out of his way to accomodate them for autographs and pictures. I hope he throws the book at these punks…

CNN doesn’t have the spraying incident, but they do have Tom’s reaction immediately after it.

Maybe they were all Hitchhiker’s fans.

Sonofa! Just a bit too slow, I was. :stuck_out_tongue:

The pranksters came prepared with the towel.

Why is the fact that the towel is blue so mysterious?

They also have the remarkable video with Soledad’s analysis: "My whole opinion of Tom Cruise has just changed … "

smells fishy …

I heard the towel came form his publicist. Am I wrong?

Furthermore, I thought it was understood that the people who sprayed him are part of a TV show that does that kind of thing all the time. Wouldn’t surprise me that they would pick him, the constant subject of media attention for the last 3 weeks.

Also wouldn’t surprise if this was some PR prank, worked out with the perpetrators. It’s no crazier than jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch.

Could have been a lot worse. Dicaprio got it with a broken bottle today. (He issued a press release saying that he’s alright and not gay.)

The towel is obviously in the possession of someone inside the barrier before the spraying and it was handed to him by someone who was with him, not the pranksters.

The prankdter was arrested, but wouldn’t you take a simple assault rap for the type of cash Cruise likely offered to set this up?

Simple assault, in America at least on a first offense, would get you community service and a fine. Maybe a few weekends in jail if it was particularly bad.

Sigh. Another new Channel 4 prank show. :rolleyes:

See their problem here is that they have confused an actor with a “celebrity”. The latter will do anything, anything, and submit to anything for TV exposure, while the former is there to do a job (something a “celebrity” is usually unfamiliar with).

And a pox on them for putting me in a position where I’m agreeing with Cruise.

At least they didn’t confuse Tom Cruise with an actor :wink:

The ‘joke’ was so laim as to be difficult to believe even C4 would think it was worthwhile, unless…

The real joke was that C4 set up a group of four thick independant film makers to try and pull a dumb arse trick on Tom Cruise, they could then be filmed doing the trick and ending up in jail overnight while the country laughed at their moronicity.

Here is a movie of the red carpet soaking.

Totally staged.

Uh… they did it to Sharon Osbourne, as well.

I’m in the Staged camp.

If I were a celebrity who’d just been squirted, my first thought would probably be “that could have been a gun… or a knife… or acid… or urine…” whatever. I’d have not only gone batshite, I’d have expected my bodyguards to instantly move in, throw the guy to the ground and make him their byotch on Pay-per-View.

Cruise was totally trying to act irritated and surprised, and not doing a very good job of it. When he first gets squirted he laughs.

Hey, they coulda happy-slapped him.

I agree it was a stupid prank, but should they really be charged with a crime for it? (or is that just my dislike of Cruise talking…)