I can admit it. I'm addicted

Oh sure, I thought what the Hell. I’ll try it once. once can’t hurt me. I’ve heard of people getting addicted, and I’ve seen people that ARE addicted. they don’t look any different than you or I. I thought, it won’t happen to me. I can stop WHENEVER I want to; this won’t overtake my life. I bought all of the supplies. Even the goods were expensive, about 2 bucks a hit. I thought, maybe I shouldn’t do this, there was no peer pressure, but I went all of the way, and bought the hardware and the goods to go along with it.
I talked to my father about this, and he told me he doesn’t have that big of a deal with me doing this. he told me he used to do it all of the time when he was younger, and out at the cabin during the summer. The first time I tried it, I was out in the driveway 3 nights ago. I started, and heard something hitting the garage which was about 20 feet behind me. I moved further from the garage, and started again. I cased it back up, and went back inside, as stealthily as I could, as everyone was sleeping.
2 nights ago, after driver’s ed, I asked my dad to bring me to this secluded spot on this lake I know of. he said sure, and I stood there, with my waders on, knowing I could do this, as though I had been preparing my whole life for this one moment. I sat the soft, padded case down on the shore of the lake, and carefully unzipped it. I looked down with awe, as though a million and one angels were singing and light was glistening down on me from Heaven. I gently took out the eight sections, and CAREFULLY pieced them together, making sure all of the holes aligned. I got the aluminum fitting holding the line, and screwed it into the end-piece. I began to walk into the lake. I teetered here and there, using my arms to steady me. I then began my casting, the rhythm coming to me as thought it’s all I’d ever done. I was flyfishing.

 All day long, I long to fish. I'll daydream about the line softly hitting the the water, the sun setting peacefully in the distance, the vigorous fight... the whole shebang--

it’s not detracting from my performance at work or school, but the dreams at night get a little much…

so-- what’s your addiction :slight_smile:

What the hell? Who likes FISHING!?



My family…I just can’t seem to get enough of them.

Well…the net too.

I’m here, aren’t I?

Swing dancing, dog agility, Diablo II, and the SDMB. In roughly that order. Can’t keep away from any of them for long. Oh, and in the winter, downhill skiing. Whoosh!

My husband doesn’t fish. When we first met, I worked at a store that sold Orvis and that should have been a red flag to him. But he thought he could change me - that I wouldn’t feel the need to flyfish anymore. I gave it up for awhile, but now I daydream about having a special friend to secretly fish with. Crisp early mornings, moving upstream to the first good lie, the line doing ballet turns in the sunlight before it delicately glides onto the surface of the water…a rainbow arcing into the air hitting hard and jolting my arm. Thrilling.

FISHING!!? Guh! That weird garlic stink of those neon-colored marshmallows mingling with The tang of last-years salmon eggs, the taughtness of your fresh sunburn, yellow jackets circling your head, attracted to the fishy stink of perch on your hands --guh! I myself can’t imagine fishing as anything but a cruel trick perpetrated upon hapless campgoing children.

I myself am addicted to Super Bombad Racing for Playstation-2. Oh yeah! I originally got it to keep the kids I babysit amused, but jeez it sucked me in fast!

If your not familiar with it, it’s a racing video game featuring Star Wars Episode-1 characters in their respective spacecraft, but with big heads and little bodies – like those bobble headed figures sold at baseball games. Normally I’d think it was too cutesy, but the gameplay is fantastic and the sheer beauty of the landscapes is astounding. Also the characters have great personalities.

I have been surviving on five hours of sleep a night all week because of it (thank God it’s Friday, sheesh!).

reading just the first half of your post I thoughtt you were going to try heroine or someting! heroine is probably a little more addictive though. But fishing is cool too, I like to go out at night with a couple friends or a date (try that you’ll always score).
Anyways I have a fishing story. No I’m not going to tell you that I saw the loockness monster or how big of a fish I caught, because well my friend Justin probably scared them all away. See what happenned was it was like 6 or 7 in the after noon Justin, Carrie (his girlfriend), Me, and some chick I was talkin too. We all climb down the side of the bank to the river. We all found rocks to set on except Justin so he goes back up to my bronco to get the spare tire to sit on. (I warned him if he brought it down the hill and dropped it into the river he’d be jumping in after it, there was a cliff then a levelish slop down to the river) So he falls down the cliff drops the tire and it rolls like two feet out in the water. I’m sitting there shaking my head thinking you stupid idiot. “go get it” in a real calm cool voice so he takes off his shoes then stands there watching it slowly drift down stream. “go get it, now” I scream So he then takes off his shirt and shorts (he had boxers on under it) by now the tire is about ten feet down stream if he had just flipped off his shoes and waded out when it first went in he would have only had to go out a foot or two. Anyway he his still standing there in his boxers watching this tire float downstream (should I mention Justin is a life gaurd) so I go over and throw him in. Then he finally gets the tire. We laughed and laughed at him, if hed had only just put one leg in and reached over he could’ve gotten it when it first went in. Then we procedded to pick on him saying he said the tires life mocking him because he was a lifegaurd.

Eating the fishies: yes (especially blackened Cajun style)

Catching the fishies: about as much fun as farming

And they can be more expensive- just look at Scarlett O’Hara’s tastes!


it sucks when you’re stuck at work, and it’s warm, sunny, and no wind outside… I’m itchin’ to be fishin’, ‘cause I’m a Fishin’ Magician!

Marshmallows and salmon eggs. Blasphemy.


So-- I guess I didn’t specify…

what is your LEGAL addiction?

Okay, I guess I can admit it.

I am addicted to murder mysteries. In the best of times, when my life is bipping along on an even keel, I read a lot. When I am upset, or distraught, I read like a fiend.

Right now, I am reading like a fiend. The thing is…they may be MURDER mysteries, but almost always everything ends up happy. The heroine gets her man, the bad guy gets what HE deserves. Nice and tidy, and everyone goes home happy as a lark.

Um, I am also addicted to old movies. Same premise as the murder mysteries.

Hey, I just had a revelation…maybe it is HAPPY ENDINGS I am addicted to! Too bad they seldom happen in real life, but at least I have my books. And my movies.

Another cynical moment, brought to you by the Psychiatric Association of America. We thank you for your VERY generous support!



Diet Coke


Car Talk

White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oscar’s Breadsticks

In that VERY order.

Romance novels (stop snickering!)


Sugar-- I didn’t realize I was addicted to sugar until I was diagnosed as a diabetic. Now I save up my carb allowance for a day and a half just to have a non-diet soft drink. Or a Snickers. Or a tiny sliver of pound cake. Waffles with syrup or jam. MMMmmm. I’m jonesin’.

Gives new meaning to “wet dream”.


Here’s my list:

~Agatha Christie novels with Hercule Poirot.

~Comedy - Movies and stand-up. For stand-up it will most likely like Jerry Seinfeld or Eddie Izzard. I must laugh at least 30 times a day. Don’t look at me that way. I don’t like the way you’re looking at me. Mommmeeee! That person is looking at me!

~Music - I must have an hourly dose of music or I will explode. Placebo, Orgy, Lucky Boy’s Confusion, Glenn Miller. I am not kidding. I need a CD or radio station to listen to. Right now I am listening to a radio station through the computer.

Okay, I am insane. That’s fine though, as long as I know that other people are in the same boat as I am.:smiley:

I forgot to add Disneyland. I love it. Okay, so I really really like it. Forget it. I LOVE IT. ºoº

Oh and SDMB.:smiley: