I can has cute asian chick?

I see you everyday, my dear cute asian chick. Selling cutesy tee-shirts and other pop culture paraphanalia. I would love to ask you out on a date, maybe go out for a picnic or some ice cream. I don’t even like tattoos on girls most of the time but I want to see yours, follow the designs and ask you why you got them. You’re very pretty in glasses, and I like your hair color as well. I think you’re probably a pretty fun girl, and my life is a little boring right now.

How do I get in touch with you? Do I have to buy a dozen shirts? Which ones do you like best? I’ll buy them all for you. Now where do you live? I’ll pick you up at eight. Or does nine sound better?

Oh well, it will probably never happen. This isn’t the first time I’m fallen for someone that will inevitably lead nowhere. So here is my open letter to you, I think you’re beautiful.


Dude, way to sabotage yourself before you even get started! Freakin’ ask her out already!


I work with a lot of asian girls. They get a lot of attention, even the plainest of them. More so than a comparable, non-asian girl. I try not to think of it as strictly a fetishistic thing, because I’d hate to be that sort of a fetish for someone. Although being a skinny white chick, I probably have my followers too, it just seems that guys tend to go more ga-ga over the asian girls.

Ask her out if you like. Try not to think about the fact that she’s probably been hit on about 1k times that day. Or maybe she hasn’t. Never hurts to ask, it isn’t like lightening bolts are gonna strike you for trying.

As a chick who was once, long ago, single, let me give you some advice, if you are going to hit on someone who is being paid to be nice to you, give them an easy out. Just because she may not want to date you doesn’t mean she wants to lose you as a customer.

Actually, I’m pretty sure she’s just a model. Sorry if I confused you.

You’ve got to be cool, my friend.

Remember, at this stage of the game, all you share in common is that you like hot chicks and she’s a hot chick.

Remember, you are going to fail, but you don’t care. Your ego isn’t on the line, because you don’t know her from Eve. She could very well be an ax murderess, for all we know. (And if she is, then the FBI is offering a reward, and it’s a win-win solution.)

Talk to her about her tatoo. Ask questions. Write down 25 questions and pick the best, lest corny ones. Tell her that if she doesn’t mind you sharing something, you’ve never particulary cared for tatoos, but they look hot on her.

Look (but don’t fucking stare) at her eyes and face see if she gives the universal sign of interest.

If it doesn’t look good, fucking end it right then and there. Tell her you got to go, give her a smile and leave. Just leave!

Never be a creap.

Don’t ask for a date if she doesn’t look interested. Take her home and fuck the living daylights out of her if she’s so inclined.

Also, get an interesting life, so that you will still have a hell of a lot of fun this Saturday, even if she blows you off. Women smell desperation a mile away.

You’re in love with a mannequin? Sorry for the bad advice.

All very good advice my friend, that I will keep and remember for the future. I don’t know how I will ever meet this girl though.

Then don’t worry about it.

Seriously, get used to talking to strangers without seeming like a creep. Learn to talk to guys as well, (although don’t practice pickup lines, unless you swing both ways) but just to get used to starting conversations.

That way if you happened to meet someone you like, then you’ll feel more confident, one of the single-most attractive traits.

And get a life! Seriously! (Not suggesting you don’t, but you’ve got to get beyond the bored part.) People who love life have a twinkle in their eyes and a feeling about them. Have you ever just started going out with someone and suddenly all the girls want to talk to you? That’s 'cuz you’re happy and they want to share it, even if they don’t know it’s because of you’re in love.

Sorry, way too much advice, but good luck!

Wait, you didn’t fall in love with a chick on TV, did you? My advice: you need to make your first meeting look coincidental. Follow her around for a bit. Take some pictures and arrange a shrine to her on your living room wall. Then, once you know her routine, slash her tires and come to the rescue. You’ll be married in no time.

Be careful, though. We better not see you pitting her in a few weeks for getting a restraining order against you.

Oh my god, do not tell an asian girl you go by bigbabysweets2000 on the internet. This is especially important. Don’t ask me why, it’s just part of the culture.

Are you ever in a situation where you can smile at her? And she can smile back?


I gotta know.

We have a lot of Asian folk where I work. I was standing around on break with a few of the guys and they asked me if I ever had an asian boyfriend. I am taller than all of them and said “Nope, but mostly because I’m too tall.” The conversation rapidly descended into a few of them saying just because they are small doesn’t mean they are SMALL…I love interesting cultural exchanges. :slight_smile:

In **orinoko’s **defense, I would be weary of anyone with that name as well. If I didn’t already know how lovable I was in real life of course.

Dude, if you don’t ask her out, then I will!

Isn’t it a little early for Rob’s advice? :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously though, TP said everything best.

So, you’re in love with a mannequin you saw on TV? Easy, just call the 800 number and ask them where they buy their mannequins and what the particular model number for this one is. You will be married in no time :smiley:

In all seriousness, TokyoPlayer gave some great advice. (By the way, TP, are you azn? cuz I have this thing for azn bois…) I would suggest against the “I never liked tattoos, but they look great on you” route, though. Even if it’s true, it sounds more like an insult than anything. As a chick who has had that kind of pickup line used on her (I don’t have tattoos, but have had many public piercings in my past), I hear “you know, I think you look like a tramp, but you’re hot and I’m horny, so can we fuck?” Sorry, but it’s true.

Don’t buy things just to meet her, I used to hate when I worked in the public arena when guys would do that. I preferred those who just walked in and said something along the lines of “hey, I was in here last week, buying <whatever> when I noticed you. I can’t get you out of my mind, and I would love to get to know you better, would you like to meet up after your shift?” Wanna talk about hot? That’s it – especially if you could work up the nerve to break in front of a customer she is currently waiting on and say that. I would give the guy a shot, even if I wasn’t interested, just for the balls it would take to do something like that. Ok, I have given a guy a shot for that kind of act, we ended up dating for like 4 years.

Good luck with your mannequin, er, model.

Hold on, bbs2k – you’re from Boston too. I think I’ve seen the girl you’re talking about. Yeah, hawt!

I think she’s in advertizing.

You know, if I had worried about making sure that the guy I dated was always taller than me, I would have never met my current SO. I’m 5’9.5", so it tends to be easier for me to aim for someone within a few inches of my height on either side. I do, however, realize that if I ever go to Japan, I’m going to be one giant walking freak show. [sub]Tall + big boobs + big frame = Gaijinzilla[/sub]


Be careful about how you ask her out. Since you see her while she’s working, you’ve got to make sure that you don’t make her uncomfortable [sub](see note above about the “not being able to escape” issue)[/sub] when you ask. As others have said, practice talking to strangers about random stuff, and don’t mention your dislike of tattoos if the topic of her tattoos come up. Be friendly but be aware of the “creep factor,” and definitely try to gauge her reaction to you engaging her in conversation.

I worked in retail/food service on campus when I was in undergrad. I got hit on a lot, with a bit of variance with each guy. Some guys would ask outright while in line-- this is bad, especially if there are people in line with you, as you’re putting her on the spot in front of an audience-- and I’d get uncomfortable, some guys used the “stare at me like I’m steak and he hasn’t eaten in weeks” method [sub]it was always guys from one particular fraternity-- very creepy[/sub], and then occasionally I’d get the subtle “pass me a note and make a passing comment about a party that they were going to” move. For me, that last one was the easiest to deal with when I was working; if I didn’t want to accept the invitation, I had the choice of either throwing out the note or responding and letting them know directly. The only other situation that I was okay with is if I ran into the person (and it wasn’t staged) and they asked casually. Whatever you do, do not ask questions that are even remotely close to “how much do you cost?”, as that’s a pretty heinous way of intimating that you think the girl’s a whore. [sub]Why yes, I have been asked that before-- I was working when it happened, and could not properly respond without potentially getting fired.[/sub]

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