I can't believe I'm the first to MMP

Heck, it’s nearly 5:30AM CST. Where is everybody? Blurf.

Now I have to go to irk. It’s gonna be a long week.

Oops, forgot the link to the last MMP


It’s good to be juvenile. :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis a warmish 57 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 74 for the day. After highs in the 70s today and tomorrow, it shall cool down to the 60s and then to the 50s for highs this week. Thus goes February in south Jawja.

Thanks for startin’ us off DeathMistress!

Shortly I need to go get purtified for irk as we’re goin’ out for brekkie at Pearly’s which is a nummy place for brekkie and N.O.L.

I hear OYKW sayin’ he’s all cleanded up so now I must. Not too bad of a way to start off a Moanday.

Happy Moanday Y’all!



Gotta drag my a–, umm, my butt off to class soon.

Morning. I’m up, caffeinated and off to work

Happy Moonday!

It’s a sunny breezy 35 degrees here in the armpit, with a projected high of 43.
Not too bad for February.

I woke up too early and then fell back asleep, si I’ve got that weird kind of blrft going on.

I’m going to get cleaned up early, talk to the mortgage company. I’ve decided I’m going to grab my friend and take a ride back out to Hagerstown and check out each neighborhood again before deciding. It’ll be a day out and an excuse to go to lunch. I was debating between going today or tomorrow but tomorrow looks cold and rainy so today it is.

I’m so excited!

They’re saying the s-word for Wednesday. I keep telling people, winter’s not over. Don’t put your heavy coats away until April. Y’all can trust me, I’m the Snowbringer.

I have absolutely nothing to do today except make a phone call. Maybe mail a box to Older Sister, but it might be easier to do that tomorrow. I had a burst of productivity over the last couple of days. This…this is strange, not having something to do on a Monday.

begins crocheting

So tired. Had a nice week off–looked at fifteen houses over three days up in Maine, and made an offer on one this morning because it’s amazing. They even had a TARDIS cookie jar and much of the art on the walls looked like we already lived there. We were sad when we left because we couldn’t just move right in.

Don’t want to be at work today, but here I am anyway. Have I mentioned I’m very tired?


My posts aren’t posting.

So we have two of us buying houses, we can share horror stories.

Road trip is off, I talked to mortgage company and he said Homepath will give me better deal with several options to go. So I have to meet up with realtor and contractor to get costs of repairs, although there is an option to pay for repairs myself and put less down.
First have to get costs of repairs and need to do it quick.

Earlier up the food chain than usual. Speaking of which, time for lunch.

Feeling all active 'n athletic 'n stuff- cycled into town and back. There’s cycle path or very quiet roads pretty much all the way, so it wasn’t too terrifying, even for a beginner like me. Even the weather decided to be nice, and the forecast rain didn’t happen.

Now having a nice cuppa, then back out to do some shopping. Busy Moanday for me!


Good Moanday morning mummpers, so far nothing has gone wrong, but I have yet to ingest my first cuppa. I just wanted to wish everyone a great last week of February; the month with the least days, but which seems to last the longest.

Also, my crocus have begun blooming. :stuck_out_tongue:

Drive by blurfing!

So, they’re not croaking?


Blurf. I am home from irk, it was not particularly irksome but not much irk has been done. First day in a new temp assignment, they had the computer set up and all the log-in stuff done already so that was a good start. Then some numptie workman cut through a Very Important Cable outside somewhere and all the computer access disappeared. No network, no intertoobz, no nuffins. So no irk happened either. We got sent home at 4pm, so here I am all blurfy and now contemplating what to cook for dinner.

From last week. I have some friends, two guys with guitars, who do a really good cover of that song.

Good morning everyone. Afternoon. Whatever. Just hi there.

Nope, funny guy, neither are the peepers. When I hear them I will know that it really is spring. :wink:

Hey! I know I lurk, wander away and come back to lurk some more, but when did Sean return? Dang, good to see you’re posting, it has been a minute or two!

I would like to say that nothing is new, but here in my world there is always something happening to keep me on my toes. So far this week I am scheduled to see my doctor on Firday, hopefully that will be the only thing that throws my routine off. grin

I have photos of grand kids and my pommies and flowers and such I want to share, I will see if I can make that happen sooner than later, along with a couple of updates, for example how I came to have a new pet mousie. :rolleyes:

More coffee is needed asap.

Higgs is getting on my last nerve!!! 3:40 this morning, she decided the household needed to be up. I wasn’t ready to be up. I’s tahred!!! But I had a mostly productive day at the office, and I’m home, having decided to skip the gym today. I had to stop on the way home for milk and a few other items - that was productive! :smiley:

Today is the b-day of my high school biology lab partner. She was (and still is) the squeamish type, leaving me to do the dissecting while she did notes. Despite that, we’ve been friends for 44 years! There aren’t too many people outside of family who have known me longer than that.

Happy Moanday! C’mon spring!!!