I can't believe I'm the first one up MMP

DANG! Where is everybody?

Am I really the first one up this Moonday morning?
(damn bladder)
I suspect somebody else is typing away and this thread will be merged with theirs, especially when I don’t have anything important to say.

So Happy Moonday! or Happy Moanday!
which ever applies to you this morning.

We had lots of rain over night, it’s a wet 71 degrees.
It’s gonna get hotter and is expected to rain a day.

Depending on what is up with my realtor today may be a road trip day.
I hate road trips in the rain.

Outside of that, I got nothing.

I had an MMP all ready to go but I decided to check and here you are! So there ya go.

I’m up, thanks to a certain little black, shedding, pain in the patoot. I’m letting **FCD **sleep in since they’ll be leaving in a couple of hours for a long drive and a long day at Duke medical center. I may go back to bed when they leave. :smiley:

It’s freekin’ hot here - 79°!! We didn’t get any rain last night, but there’s an 80% chance today, so there’s that. Honestly, I don’t know what my plans are. I was going to mow, but it’s already too steamy. It can wait. And I had a bad night - went to bed with a crampy gut, woke up around 2 when my body decided it was time to expel the offending matter, so I’s tahred.

But it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye. :smiley: Happy Moanday!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 76 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 95 and hyoooooomid for the day. The weather PTB say rain tomorrow and Wednesday. We shall see.

Today my [del]minions[/del] assistants shall be out and about doin’ enrollments. I shall do the same thing but locally and not until this afternoon. They shall be doin’ the same thing tomorrow and Wednesday. This means da bear will be up to his ears in paperirk dealin’ with gettin’ people started, but that’s just a part of what makes it irk. :smiley:

Ok, that’s all I got for now. I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy demands sustenance. Then, alas and alack, 'tis Moanday so irk purtification must commence.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

ETA: MOOOOOOM that means you can start us off next week! How organized and efficient is that! :smiley:

Moanday Blurf!


**FCD **just left with his folks, headed to Duke Medical Center. Today, FIL will have what we all hope is the final surgery in a series of procedures that began more than a year ago. All good thoughts directed towards Raleigh, NC, would be greatly appreciated.

And once this issue is resolved and all healed, he’ll be getting a knee replaced… Getting that old kinda sucks sometimes.

My MIL has macular degeneration and her vision seems to get worse by the day. We were talking the other day and she said if she goes blind, she just wants to die. But I got to thinking, while I wouldn’t want to lose my sight, I think it’d be far worse to lose my hearing.

Anyway, I’m home alone with the critters and the house is quiet and already I’m loving it!! I may go back to sleep for a while! :smiley:

Sari, I’d been up for about 5hrs when you posted, and at work for nearly 2hrs so definitely up before you! However, I don’t bother turning the 'pooter on at home first thing because I would waste too much time reading stuff…and when I arrive here, I am working so no posting until tea break or lunchtime.

Now it’s lunchtime so I can be posting.

Other than that, it’s a Moanday blurf!



Hey Jynx, how did you make out last week with the big wind at the Oceanfront? Not in your neighborhood I hope.

Good morning everyone. We had a concert in the area on Saturday night. And I do mean area. It wasn’t on our block, in our neighborhood, or even in the neighborhood next to ours. It seems that someone had a live band from 9 o’clock to 1 AM, and even after numerous calls to the police, NO ONE COULD FIND IT! It was like a ghost concert. Rattled the windows and everything.

I might be able to figure out who the band was, however. There are only so many bands around here that still cover “Keep Your Hands To Yourself.”

Good morning, y’all. Happy Moansday!

So we’ve been through the application process and we’ve been approved to adopt a cat through a local rescue. There are a number of likely candidates, most of them kittens or younger cats. Target is pretty active and she and an older cat would drive each other crazy. Kittens are also used to living with other cats, so that’ll make the transition a lot easier, as well.

More later, after I get the sprog moving.

I’m going away today! And returning on Friday. I may check in here from time to time during the week, but I don’t know yet.

Monday’s my day off. I don’t have to get up at 5:30. I slept in until :eek:7:25.:eek:

Sometime today I need to return a movie of questionable taste to the library. Calm down, kids, it’s just the Michael Caine version of Alfie. Mr. Caine was extremely easy on the eyes, but that movie’s attitude towards women was repugnant. I got up and scrubbed the shower halfway through, which was a much more pleasant experience.

Yes. What they all said.

Ah! “Blurf” in a Foreign language!

Last night, I dreamed I found a little orange tabby and started fostering it. Smokey was not happy. But every time I turned around, another kitten appeared. A grey tabby, a black kitten, a tuxedo, a calico, a tiger-striped, etc. Dozens of kittens, and oh! the mess!
I woke up and reassured Smokey she’s my one and only kitten. She purred. =^.^=

So, rosie’s destined to be a Crazy Cat Lady??? :eek: Obviously that’s what the dream means. :smiley:

**FCD **cracks me up. He called me from the Richmond bypass - he was confused about where his GPS was taking him. I pulled up Mapquest and confirmed that it was correct. So he was happy.

I’m working on an afghan and watching Deal Like Me on Chiller. Perfect way to spend a Monday, right? :smiley:

Blurf. I got nothing. Anyone heard how V.Bob is doing (I never remember how many Bs and Os are in his nick). Leftover Portillos salad for lunch.

‘Tis quiet here in the orifice what with me bein’ here all by myself. I’m lovin’ it! Ok, I’ve been on a conference call already today which was not too awful, so there’s that. This Firday is payday so at some point I should be gettin’ an email from payroll concernin’ who did not turn in their time. I just know I’ll get the email. It’s a rare payweek I don’t get said email. Just baffles me that some people “forget” to turn in their time. Sigh. Maybe those folks are independently wealthy and don’t need the money. :smiley: Nah. Just stoopid is the reason.

Rosie, it’s good to know I’m not the only one who has dreams about cats. :slight_smile:

I feel back asleep and now I’m awake for realz.
I cannot believe I slept this long.

So here is my dilemma
I like the house with the cistern. It is on a 3rd of an acre along with about a dozen other houses (all in about a third of an acre) in the middle of cornfields. It has a garage, a shed, and a little fenced in yard with a doggie door into the shed. It has a finished basement, 3 bedrooms (1 in the basement), two full baths. The master bath is huge with a large shower that is designed for the handicapped. The only repairs are a rotten windowsill (looks like a dog got to it), a few missing shingles on the roof, and a small tree growing in the gutter of the shed. The street is quiet, enough parking for two cars in the driveway and one in the garage. You could park on the road but there isn’t much room. I know that at any time the cornfields could go poof and turn into housing developments, at that time I’d probably be able to get public water.
FHA will not insure houses with cisterns however HUD can issue a waiver and from everything I have read this house should qualify for a waiver, no city water is available, cisterns are common in the area, etc. Another issue is that the house may not appraise high enough because of the cistern, however I looked up comps with cisterns and IMHO it should appraise high enough.
However, the realtor and mortgage broker both feel I may be wasting my time and money as you don’t apply for the waiver until after the inspection and appraisal are done, both at my expense. I think I should go for it.
The realtor thinks I should put in a offer on another house. It is a very nice house and like my friend said, as soon as you walk in the door you can feel the love in that house. However it’s a short sale so there are going to be hoops to jump through and delays. It has only two bedroom (very large ones) and one bath. No dining room but it has a huge eat in kitchen. It is a corner lot but has NO backyard except for part of the driveway. So there is a front yard and a large side yard but no privacy at all. There is no fence to keep the dog in. It has a carport and easily enough parking for 5-6 cars, you can pull all the way through the driveway or you can enter it from either street. It’s on a very busy street and there is a telephone pole right next to the driveway, so not only do you have to watch for busy traffic you also have to watch the pole. Of course if I lived there I’d probably pull all the way through and go out on the less busy side street. The house is in a neighborhood not the cookie cutter type but still still is close to town. The basement is not finished. The carport has some cute decorative trim along the roof that would have to come down I think. The realtor was afraid to drive her SUV through it. The other repair issue is that the paint on the aluminum siding is peeling and I think that neither I nor the neighbors would appreciate a silver shiny aluminum house. From what I have read though it shouldn’t be that expensive to repaint. The challenge is getting somebody who knows what they are doing so the new paint sticks. On the plus side I get to pick my own color

Both houses are the same price, and slightly out of my reach. The cistern one is bank owned and I would have to ask them to come down $10,000 - $15,000 and borrow $3,000 - $5,000 for repairs. The other one is a short sale but the selling realtor is sure they will come down $10,000 and I’d still need to borrow the cost of the repairs.

In the meantime another house I had been watching just came down to my price range. It’s on 2 acres, part of which by the way it look on the map, juts into PA. I have no idea how taxes work when part of your property is in one state and part in another. I suppose PA would just charge on the part that juts in, not on the total piece including the house. This house has 3 bedrooms, one bathroom and a garage. It needs work, from the pictures it looks like part of the floor is missing, the supports are there with yellow tape around where the plywood floor is missing. The kitchen is hideous. The price is low enough though that I could borrow the money needed to fix it up. The problem is getting out to see it when the realtor is so busy right now, it’s not in Hagerstown so it’s further out for her. Not that that is my problem but it means she can’t be there in 5 to 10 minutes. The listing says it has public water and sewer but I doubt that. Houses out in the middle of nowhere with other houses out in the middle of nowhere usually do not have public water and sewer. However if it has a well and septic that is no problem for FHA. I don’t like well water but I can live with it in exchange for more space and less zoning.

So do I take the chance with the cistern? Or say fuck it and keep looking? Or go with the short sale that is acceptable?

Then I have another dilemma but I already know the answer to that one.
However, no matter what way I handle it it’s going to be unpleasant and thus I don’t want to handle it at all.

I had a dream about cats last night, too, but mine involved finding one. Of course, that Target was [del]playing with[/del] attacking my feet didn’t help. She hasn’t learned that sleeping at the foot of the bed, on my feet, is a good way to get kicked if I turn over, and she’s been doing this long enough that I don’t think she’ll ever learn. She’s a dingdong, that one.

Right now, the rescue has a surfeit of kittens, most of whom were born in the spring. They’re all fixed and vaccinated and chipped, so I’m happy to pay the adoption fee. All we have to do is take the wee beastie to our vet for an introductory checkup and we’re good to go. Target doesn’t have much experience with other cats, but my sister-in-law came over on Saturday and she was a bit standoffish, but she wasn’t especially anxious or overly territorial, and she allowed my sister-in-law to pick her up and hold her without fighting. So I think she’ll adapt to a mewbie pretty well, but we’ll probably have to get a second cat tree. (BTW, whose ass do we have to kiss to get a cat smiley?)

We got hit with some particularly nasty weather last night. No damage but we got a ton of rain dumped on us. We’re expecting more nasty weather today, which means that the sprog’s field trip to see a baseball game will probably be canceled, and he’ll be forced to go bowling. Poor baby. :stuck_out_tongue: