I can't believe I'm the first one up MMP

Joyeux jour de la Bastille! and a happy Moonday to y’all. :slight_smile:

(Yeah, I’d forgotten about it until NPR mentioned it this morning)

sari, you’re definitely going to want to get the actual surveyor’s report to determine how much (if any) of the property juts into Pennsylvania. If any of it does, you’re also going to want to talk to a tax guy in PA who can tell you what the tax situation is. In a perfectly just world, PA wouldn’t tax land that is a) mostly in Maryland and b) doesn’t have a structure on it. Of course, this is PA we’re talking about and therefore, it’s not a perfectly just world. Pennsylvania’s state motto needs to be changed from “State of Independence” to “Pennsylvania: We’ve got our fingers in your pie!” (This also makes perfect sense when you consider that we’ve got towns named Intercourse and Blue Ball. Any snickers are in your own mind.)

I’ve got irk to do, and I’ve got to see if my friend and I can hit 300 pokes today on Facebook.

Sari I’d go with your first choice. From what you’ve written, it seems you’d be happier there. And it looks like just as much work on your part as with the other two. Although the opinion of the realtor and mortgage company would give me pause. Can they explain to your satisfaction why it’s a futile attempt?

We just got 8 cases of TP delivered to the office. Of course, the first thing I thought of when I saw them was, “Well, that would keep Swampy happy for awhile.”

Red that would explain the desire I have to grab a torch and a pitchfork and go storm a government buildin’. :smiley:

Sari I’d stay on ‘em about movin’ forward on the house with the cistern since you seem to really like that one. Heck, nuttin’ wrong with makin’ an offer on any of 'em if you feel good about 'em.

No emails about payroll thus far. Dare I continue to hope?

ETA: Sean it does indeed warm my heart cockles to know Technical Thingies is set for tp for a while. :smiley:

No tempting fate, O Ursine One. :smiley:

Must get off sofa and into “get ready for work” mode. Triple digit temps forecast today. Ugh.


**Rockin’ **I used this link to look up the property address. It shows the corner of the property where the entrance to the driveway is as being over the state line. I would have to investigate before making an offer. It anything I am sometimes too anal. I’ve thought about it though and even though this house has come way down in price I think the repairs may put it back out of reach.

Sean It is the one I like better. All the agent and broker say to me is that it will take longer and HUD could deny the waiver. There is no guarantee that when you apply you will get one and then I will have wasted more time. There’s also no guarantee that the bank will accept my offer either, so the whole thing may become moot anyway.

Have fun storming the castle!

The road from Blue Ball to Paradise runs through Intercourse. Or so I am told.

N.O.L. is et. Did I mentioned I made some chikin sallit yestiddy along with marinated cukes, maters, onions, and bell pepper? Well I did. Both are N.O.L.s for the week. In a bit I shall head out to some local appointments that will probably keep me busy the rest of the day. St. Pat’s is havin’ VBS next week (Sunday - Wednesday nights) and I have volunteered to be a cook so I shall be attendin’ a meetin’ about that tonight. I know I shall make tacos 'n fixin’s one night and another night shall be dawgs and burgers. One night I know shall be pizza which will be ordered and delivered. Not sure about what the other night will be, maybe sketties. That sounds about right for kiddie friendly foodstuffs.

Envy me and my life y’all!

Now, If you’d added Italian sausage to that, I’d be stalking you right about now. :slight_smile:

You think it’ll woik?

It’d take a miracle.


Irk-ing away here on the Left Coast. Bleah and Blurf. Replicants have summer colds. They sound all stuffed up and kinda cute.

FCM - good thoughts to FIL.

Sari - offer on the one you like. We just bought one that was not our first choice (more like 10th). And sometimes the little things that nagged us before the purchase really, really bug us now. Might as well try and get what you want.

Swampy - you are hereby envied!

Howdy from da cave! I finished up my appointments and headed caveward to enter paperirk stuff. Have laptop, will travel! :smiley: I spoke with both [del]minions[/del] assistants and told ‘em not to worry about headin’ back to orifices when they’re done. We can upload and deal with the paperirky stuff tomorrow mornin’. It’s hawt out and they’ve both been travelin’ around. Stuff like that there is one of our little perks.

YUM! Duly noted for future makin’ of said marinated sallit.

Leftovers from yestiddy for dindin tonight.

That is all.

I told the realtor to write up the offer on the one I like.
I’m coming in at $15000 under the asking price and that leaves room to negotiate.
I also heard back from the water delivery service and the guy who called me back is the same one who delivered there to the previous owners so he knew how big the tank is, how much was used and the cost. It’s within the amount I had budgeted for so that is all good.
He said city water is coming that way anyway, it’s been in the works for some time as the area is building up.

I decided to nix the one that is part in PA because I looked up a bunch of sites online and it seems like it can be an issue with being taxed by two states and getting a mortgage can be an issue as well. The price is good but the repairs? A new kitchen can cost a lot, and this kitchen only had a sink and some bright purple cabinets.
But it is a pretty piece of property

Sari yep, those cabinets are hideous. Smart move not to go for a house that can be taxed in two states. That and clowns are the stuff nightmares are made of.

You got me all excited about the purple cabinets,** sari**, except those aren’t what I’d call purple, they’re more like hideous something or other.

I’ve got a bit of the house hunting bug now that I have a job. There’s a few that I have my eye on, but honestly, I don’t even have money for a down payment so I doubt I’m going to get very far for awhile.

I need to work on my homework. I’ve been sitting here successfully avoiding it for about an hour.

After 3 days with a combined 11 hrs of sleep, I crashed & burned HARD when I got home yesterday; still not all caught up, which is why I didn’t get up early today myself. Read some & retained little, but all of the July 3rd fireworks shows were postponed due to Hurricane Andrew. Local show was this weekend, & there’s one makeup show scheduled for next weekend. Really, you couldn’t find a date less than 16 days later? :rolleyes:

Yup, it’s true.
“Only in PA is Intercourse near Paradise!” :smiley:

FIL should be well into his surgicals by now. I’ve been afghaning and watching assorted TV - currently Dirty Jobs is on. It’s hot, humid, hazy, and generally perfect for staying indoors - and it looks like rain may be on the way.

Nice boring day all around. I’m really enjoying the solitude.

The Church of England has finally decided women can be ordained as Bishops. Well, welcome to the 21st century Ye Olde C of E!

The weather is picking up, and it’s looking really bad.

I went on my afternoon errands before the weather hit. Nothing of consequence at the post office, so that was nice. Beat the nice police officer to the meter, so I avoided the five-dollar parking ticket and the fix-it ticket for the expired inspection. :smiley:

Went to Petsmart to look at some kittens, and they’re adorable. Some are ginger and white, others are grey and white. I’ve played with them before and they’re really active. We’re going to go over this evening when there’s a volunteer there (and assuming the weather cooperates) to see them. If not these, there are others.

Went to Target to get some Sudafed for the damn fluid that’s trapped in my inner ear. Went with keys in my hand. Left without keys in my hand. Ran back to Petsmart to see if they were there, and they weren’t. Ran back to Target to get them. :rolleyes:

My high mount brake lamp went out, which meant I had to get another one. How many women does it take to change the light bulb on the high mount of a 2001 Honda Accord? Only one, but she read the manual first. I am proud of myself. :slight_smile:

If you get a HomePath home you only have to put 5% down and FHA only requires 3.5% down. My mortgage company doesn’t do HomePath (too bad because I really like them) but they do mortgages in PA. They will also do mortgages under $60,000 which is really hard to find. If you want the info let me know. Of course last year there were lots of suitable houses in Hagerstown in the 50s and 60s, this year not so much.