I can't believe I'm the first one up MMP

That would probably be the Lincoln Highway, IIRC.

I always thought it was odd that they’d let them be priests but not bishops or higher. Kinda cuts off the whole promotion thing right from the start.

Good thoughts towards FCMFIL

There is another highway that might be appropriate here…

Ugly cabinets can be painted until they can be replaced. I like it, Sari. Go for it. We’ll bring tents and sleeping bags for the Mump-fest.

FIL’s surgery went well. He’s in recovery and soon he’ll be released and they’ll go back to the hotel. The Dr will have to see him tomorrow (I think) then they’ll head back. Then he’ll rest at our house till he feels up for the *looooooooooong *drive back to FL.

Tiime to feed Higgs, then me. rah.

You’re encouraging me! :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, see that’s what’s so tempting. There’s a small, but nice house that is newly renovated that’s listed at $45K. It seems as though a house payment would be about the same as what I pay for my part of the rent here.


(That’s my road.)
Yes, I am working on homework. Just taking a little break!


Sticky here is a payment calculator. If you don’t know the taxes and insurance you can estimate them. I can find the tax amount in my state, you can usually go out online to the tax assessment office and plug in an address to get them. Insurance I just make it $500/year which is probably high.
So I made the taxes $1500/year plus $500/year for insurance…
If you put 3.5% down at 4.25% your payment would be $486/month and that is including the PMI. I don’t know what closing costs are like in your state, they are high is MD but it’s under $3000 for the down payment and upfront PMI, then whatever other closing costs there are.
It’s a lot cheaper to buy right now than to rent.

Whoops sorry I thought you said 54K 45K is even better, that brings the payments down to $433.

Rosie, we could get a lot of tents on 2 acres. It would be fun as long as the weather holds.

Right now it’s starting to rain, with lots of thunder and lightning.

I’m thinking I’ll log off and knit the night away. *** MWAH!***

Foodstuffs to feed the little rugrats next week has been officially decided. As I predicted sketties, tacos, pizza, burgers and dawgs. Plus sallit for sketties, taco, and pizza nights. Dessert each night shall consist of ice cream sundaes just cause it’s easy. Oh and lemonade and punch. When the kiddies start their VBS stuff, the adults will have wine tastin’ each night. Thats adult VBS da bear can deal with! :smiley:

Sean I agree. Women have been ordained as Deacons, Priests, and Bishops in the Episcopal Church for a number of years now. Heck, our Presiding Bishop is a woman. Now I can’t wait until the CofE elects the first Archbishop of Canterbury.

And that’s the news from swampland.

We just went from 96 degrees to pouring rain and … HAIL! Ha, love it!

Blew the arbor over but… Garbanzo bean sized HAIL! Bwhaaaaa!


Complicated Friend called me a while ago. His kids came home from school while we were chatting and I heard him tell one of them “Go upstairs, I’m on the phone with your mom.” I guess he’s not allowed to talk to me. (I’ve only talked to his wife once about seven years ago and she didn’t like me. Some things never change.)

Spaz the way I see it, the new baby Prince’s great, great, great grandchild might see the first female Archbishop of Canterbury. :smiley:

And on that note, I shall go lie upon the bed and watch teevee until sleepy time.

Nitey Nite Y’all!

Hey! Me, too! GMTA!

Sari - thinking good thoughts on the house offer. :slight_smile:

FCM - glad FIL is safely through surgery. Enjoy your remaining solitude.

MsR - congrats on the light change!

Was supposed to be 96 here today. It’s 73. From somewhere materialized monsoonal moisture wrapping around a high pressure system. There even be rain on the radar. Probably because I accidentally left the sprinklers in the yard on all night. :smack:

Thanks, Sunny! It’s part of my plan to become more self-sufficient. When I was learning how to drive, my dad made sure I knew how to pump my own gas and change a tire. I also know how to add windshield wiper fluid and now I can change a burned-out bulb. I should be able to handle the simple things so I can save the harder stuff for a competent mechanic.

The sprog and I went to Petsmart to look at kittens. We’ve settled on two. The first choice is the lone female. She’s grey and white and very cuddly and sweet. Her name is Bethany. The second choice is a rather mellow buff and white boy named Daytona. (The others in the litter were named Fenwick, Lewes, and Dewey. There is a pattern here.) I made the mistake of wearing a dress and the cats decided it would be fun to play with the skirt and climb up my legs. Thank Ceiling Cat they’re kittens! All that remains is to set the time to go fill out the final paperwork and bring the wee beastie home to meet his/her new friend. This should be by the weekend! I’m so excited!

So I casually mentioned to the lovely and talented Airman that the brake lamp light on my instrument panel was still lit. We went out to the car and sure enough, I replaced the wrong light. Oh, well. At least I learned something new today and I’ll learn something new tomorrow when I get the right bulb. :smiley:

So on the drive to and from work:
A BMW turns right on red. From the left turn lane.
A Crown Vic gets in front of another car by going up on the sidewalk, almost hitting the bridge railing
Dude in an Audi drives like he’s a stunt driver from Deathrace 2000
But tomorrow is another day.


Sari, I’d go for cistern house. Purple House is lacking in the kitchen area(but the window nook is nice).

MsR - kitteh! Kitteh! Pictures when official please :smiley:

And now you will be an expert at light changing :slight_smile:

I’m in Toronto!

My condolences.