The I'm up early MMP!

I was up late Saturday to start the Death Pool at midnight Sunday, so I went to be early and am now awake.

Why not start the MMP?

I’ve had four days off, and wish I could have one more before going back to work.

Can I have a whipped cream bun?

Or are you not that kind of baker?

My boss is trying to refuse letting me skip tomorrow. I’m trying to avoid getting royally pissed off.

Sure you can, I’m that kind of baker.

But I’m not delivering to Europe, you’re going to have to pick it up yourself!

looks up Barcelona-Tottering flights

and here I actually got out of bed to post a new MMP and Baker beat me by 90 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:
Had I known you were going to do that, I would have told the cat to leave me alone. :wink:
But as long as I’m up, I was going to tell y’all of some weird dreamage.
It’s fading, but it involved me and several friends going undercover in some kind of sting. The baddie was a Danny DeVito/Yosemite Sam type, and the back up team was made of Owen Wilson, Nathan Fillion, and John Barrowman. Wackiness ensued and we got the drop on the baddie who I had to shoot in the head. One of the minions (not Minions) tried to turn the tables again and I shot him, too. I then convinced the other minion to take the rap for the whole gang when Owen got a call from HQ that the op was over and to let the baddies go. Seems there was a coup in the baddies’ country and their kind was no longer in power. So we all shrugged and left, the last baddie standing lived happily ever after having taken over all the wealth the baddies had been accumulating. He never made trouble again because he knew we meant business. Then I had a happy Rom-Com ending with Nathan and John, who had merged into one man; and Owen had a party with the rest of the crew.

I am going back to bed now. :wink:

I was up early too, but it was for work so it doesn’t count as a fun thing to do.

I baked stuff at the weekend, some of it is for next weekend as I’ll be away partying with a big group of friends, and some was just because I wanted to make cookies. I had one (it was very nice but rather naughty) and brought a box into work for everyone else. I’ve just been up to the kitchen to make a drink and the cookie box is empty. I think that can be called a success.

Today I had to block a Doper from my farcebook newsfeed. I’m hoping to let her out of the cupboard in a while, but not until I’m in a forgiving mood!

This is really absurd. Second insomniac night in a row, and I have appointments today!

Mt. Dew and NoDoz are going to be my friends today.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis a very foggy 50 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of <snerk> 69! <snerk> We shall have high temps into the mid to upper 70s this week. Weird but really not all that unusual around heah.

I’ll have what Rosie had before she went to bed last night. :smiley:

Ok, that’s all I got for now. I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants sustenance. Then, alas and alack, 'tis Moanday so irk purtification must commence.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I’d rather have what she was getting once she’d gone to bed, right there at the end… I’ll even be good and take only one of them.

What happened to the good old days when the MMP became a SEP? What sanity drove itself back int all y’alls’ heads, anyhow?

That being said, I’m always up “early” when I’m working the night shift! My day is half over now and it’s all downhill from here until I go to sleep in my room upstairs, and come back to do it all again for 10 more days :slight_smile:

Also, I’ll take a whole wheat doughnut with 100% all-natural clover honey glaze. :stuck_out_tongue:

Blurf/0 !

Morning all,

Hope everyone had a happy Turkey day. I love my parents, but I am glad they are gone until Christmas. We painted the guest bedroom while they were here. It looks like I whole new room. I lurvs it. Next weekend we shall make the house all sparkly and stuff, if the weather cooperates which it does not look like it will. Oh, well, Mr. Jynxsters will be happy about that. Blurfy Moanday and 3 weeks until a two week vacay to use up use it or lose it leave. I am off to shop for buttons for a coat that Jynxster Mom is making for Mr. Jynxster for Christmas. Its a pirate coat! AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I has a yawnz. I slept for crap last night. But the weekend down at Mom and Dad’s was nice, and even Thanksgiving with the Most Boring People In The World wasn’t terrible. Happy to be home, but ready for more days off.

I had something else to say, but somebody came up to my desk and started talking to me. Dammit.

Baker, I was talking with my family about the Death Pool this weekend–they had some good suggestions, but I got so thoroughly stomped the only year I played that I never went back. :wink:

I last worked at 2 PM Tuesday. I do NOT have any enthusiasm for today’s task, whateverthehell it might be.

I bought pointsettias this weekend, buy one get one free. Over the next 2 days I smelled a musty, stale smell. Sure enough, the plants stink. They are now at irk and if they annoy me, I will pitch them. Or give them to someone I don’t care about.


I didn’t get up early- I had a lovely loooong lie in. I have very little to do today, and am looking forward to that.

I might try experimenting with making a veggie gluten-free roast this afternoon, ‘cos my Dad’s currently going to be making one for Christmas dinner, which he won’t be eating. This is not ideal, as he’s understandably not very fussy about what it tastes like, as he’ll be stuffin’ himself with turkey anyway. Any recipe ideas would be very much appreciated, incidently- especially ones that can be prepared a few days in advance!

Happy Moonday!

It’s a balmy 40 degrees outside with a projected high of 50. Thank you Swampy for the heat wave!
I for once am not up too early, I slept through the night for a change.

I have a few errands to run today and fortunately it’s not in the 20s outside. I may even open my window or a bit today, fresh air is good.

I just saw the neighbor drive by and it always confuses me as to why she drives through the neighborhood. She lives in the second house from the corner at the top of the street but she always comes up from the bottom of the street and this is a dead end neighborhood. Maybe she just likes to drive through to see what is going on? We could have a family of two headed purple aliens move in down the road and I’d ever know. I don’t care what’s going on down that end.

I’m up early and at work. Let’s see if it does me any good. With luck, I’ll remember what I was doing before the holidays.

According to the weather forecast, we may get showers tomorrow, but then clear the rest of the week. I can live with that.

Joined a diet bet thing online. In the past, weight loss pools at work have been very motivating for me, so I have hopes.

Hope everyone’s Monday goes well.

Baker – is the death pool on the Dope somewhere? I haven’t been in one for ages -------- and I just want to list Yoko Ono in the sense of “wishing you were here”.

Gaaaah. My morning has gone straight to hell. This weekend, I had a good talk with my parents about moving up to Maine, and they seem to be mostly in favor of it, with a few reservations. Dad’s going to need some time to get used to it, and I know he’s worried that Roomie has talked me into this so she can be closer to her boyfriend.

And this morning, Roomie’s boyfriend texted me for help because he’s planning on proposing this spring and wants me to figure out her ring size. Which is a bomb he just kind of dropped on me. And now that affects every plan we’re making about moving, but I can’t tell Roomie about it. Mostly, it would mean that either Roomie will not live with me for long, or that Boyfriend would move in as well. I love Boyfriend, but I do not want to live with him at this point in my life. Additionally, I do not want to occasionally live with his seven-year-old daughter.

I feel like this makes me a terrible person for so many reasons–I should be happy for them, and I shouldn’t be bitchy about not wanting to take my god-daughter for the occasional weekend. But I have deliberately chosen not to have children, and living with one who is not related to either me or somebody I’m sleeping with is not in my plans, even if it’s only one weekend a month. I don’t want to be the bitter old bitch living with a married couple–I’ve had enough third-wheelishness in my life, thank you. I am currently furious at Boyfriend and his crappy timing and trying to figure out how the hell I’m going to plan a move with Roomie when I don’t even know how long she’ll be living with me.

Gah. I want to go home and start today over. My hair doesn’t look good either. I could fix so many mistakes if I just started over.