I can't click on SDMB smilies.

If clicking on a smilie doesn’t produce a smilie, what is screwed up on my PC?
I also can’t open the shipping tabs on Ebay.

Are you using any sort of script blocker in your browser? NoScript, AdBlock?

Try turning off your plugins/add-ons one at a time and see if you can figure out which is the culprit.

Thanks, I’ll try that when I’m awake. :slight_smile:

If it’s not a plugin that you have consciously installed, it could be some sort of (malfunctioning) link hijacker or other browser exploit - probably worth running a malware scan, if ZipperJJ’s suggestion doesn’t bear fruit.

Does one have to reboot when disabling an addon, or just restart Firefox?

It apparently isn’t Java, even though hovering over a tab on Ebay gives me the message

Ah well, I can use IE if I have to Ebay at work. :rolleyes:

The smilie pulldown works for the 'Dope. :slight_smile:

Just restarting FF should suffice.

Yes, as a first-most-likely-guess, I’ll second the suggestion that somebody is blocking JavaScript in your browser – perhaps as setting in your browser preferences, or perhaps an add-on.

As I’ve mentioned many times, I routinely run my browser with JavaScript disabled, which I see as giving many advantages. But it also breaks a lot of things (which I can mostly live without), and this includes all the smilies. It also breaks all the editing tools in that toolbar just above the text input box.

I’m satisfied to enter all my smilies and formatting by simply typing them in by hand. I keep a hand-written cheat-sheet handy. (So much for modern whiz-bang technology.) YMMV.

It definitely sounds like JavaScript, for whatever reason, is disabled. Try checking in your browser preferences to make sure that you have JS enabled. (If you’re using Firefox it’s under Options/Content).