I can't convince doorhinge that Earth is a sphere; thus, it is not a sphere

Doorhinge, you’re a complete fucking moron.

Link, maybe, so we can actually see what the argument is about?

No link is required to agree that doorhinge is a wing nut.

I think his moment in the sun is defending the cops for shooting the kid in Walmart who had a toy gun, but when a white guy was menacing Walmart patrons by loading and racking a real shotgun, he argued that it was simply a good way to test out a gun you may wish to buy.

Totally agreed that Doorhinge is an ass and a nut. But if he’s arguing that the Earth is not a sphere but an oblate spheroid or something like that, he’s right. That’s why I wanted the link. I have no idea what thread the OP is talking about and I’d like to see what’s actually going on.

To be fair, the earth isn’t a sphere.

It’s based on doorhinge’s trolling in this thread in which he’s claiming he doesn’t believe in global warming because he hasn’t been “convinced” by the evidence, while it’s obvious he doesn’t have the foggiest understanding of the evidence.

Here’s a sample post.

Would you say he’s “unhinged”?

You’ll regret it.:wink: That thread has toxic levels of stupid on the part of doorhinge.

Ugh. All right. Never mind, then. I didn’t realize it was a climate change thread. I’ve been avoiding those here for years.

That global warming thread is fucked up. I took it, at the start, to be kind of a joke about the other global warming thread that was soon to vanish. But holy shit! That thread is stupider than the previous one, and Doorhinge may not even realize the magnitude of his accomplishment. If anyone is unfamiliar with this, I would advise a perusal of that thread- BUT DON’T! REALLY! DON’T!!

You may wish to reconsider in the case of this thread. Like you, I took a hard pass on the infamous thread that got closed last month. For me, a large part of my reason for doing so was that I couldn’t bring myself to wade through the walls-o-text that epitomized FX Mastermind’s posting style.

This one was actually started as a kind of celebration of his departure, and of the expectation that WITH his departure, the board could host rational discussion on the topic. Then doorhinge decided to show up and offer his two cents. Maybe it’s just because I’ve had him on ignore for a couple of years, but I’m finding this one to be a much easier read.

That boy has never been out in the sun in his life, considering the bridge that he spends all of his time lurking underneath.

But we all know the universe isn’t fair!

I have a ten foot pole with which I don’t touch that thread.

Will he at least agree that the earth has a certain degree of roundness to it?

And yeah, his contributions to the other thread are some of the dumbest things I’ve ever read on this board. According to doorhinge: the existence (or not) of human-influenced climate change depends entirely on whether:

  1. Al Gore’s documentary An inconvenient Truth is correct in every detail

  2. whether or not doorhinge deems people to have been sufficiently polite to him.

Also, on planet doorhinge, anyone who happens to accept the scientific basic for human-influenced climate change is a ‘zealot’ and a member of the ‘man-made-C02-is-evil crowd’, which, so far as I know, is a designation he made up out of whole cloth.

Am I missing anything?

His Game of Thrones theory is a bit suspect.

And you really don’t want to know his position on declawed cats.

Too much sun, out there on the ocean.

Oh? Is he one of those ‘declawed cats are evil’ zealots?

The “other” global warming thread had a big bonus. It resulted in a world record for the furthest drop kick ever of a troll. In fact, that troll was kicked so far that he landed in a stinky little box at the bottom of Bo’s quarry.

How does someone pick the username “doorhinge