I can't stand him!!!

I hate BlueJohn. I know it isn’t nice to hate people. I know I’m supposed to “love my fellow man.” But I hate him. His thoughts about women are wrong. They just ARE. I have no facts or statistics to back up my words, which I find frustrating. But fuck! Anyone with half an ounce of morality or ethics can see that the way he thinks of the female population is wrong. His comparison of women to children is no more logical than comparing black people (I’m not sure if that’s the politically-correct terminology, but I mean no disrespect.) to children. (Which some people have done in earlier periods of history. I imagine that some ignorant assholes still do.) He drives me crazy!!! If I were to meet him in person, I’m sure I’d be itching to stomp his foot with my steel-toed boots! (Disclaimer: Not to imply that I have any intention of doing the man physical harm in any fashion.) AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!

:mad: :mad: :mad:

There, I’ve said it. I feel better now.:slight_smile:

you hate him because he is wrong?

hmmm… neat idea.


This is the thread that set me off. There are several links in it to his other posts as well.

MissBungle, I don’t know if I hate him for being wrong, so much as for being mean. (In an indirect, overly-polite way, but hopefully you know what I mean.) And, yes- I think he is wrong.

Not only is BlueJohn not worth your hatred, he’s not worth any of the attention he’s drawn. I can’t understand why so many people have felt the need to respond to him when he’s either laughing or scoffing at everything that’s being said to/about him.

You know, cazzle, you’re right. I’ve been reading his crap for a couple of days now, and I finally got so irritated that I felt the need to respond. Upon realizing the futility of that, I decided to put something in The Pit. Just to release the bile-buildup. But I certainly won’t make another attempt at interaction.

Weird. I just wrote a reply to the other BJ thread, in it, I expressed a personal desire that he would just leave these boards. I’ve never really wished that of anyone before, even people whose opinions I despise or loathe.

And I agree, cazzle, that’s he’s not worth our attention, our emotion, or our stress.

But hyperjes - like you, I cannot stand him.

Thanks, istara. I think I really only wanted some commiseration.:slight_smile:

What, you don’t agree with this pile of blithering bullshit?

“I don’t really care what any woman thinks, I don’t even believe it is possible for a woman to think.”

(Methinks we have an angry little boy here…)

In the name of reason, rather than out of loyalty to BJ, and without implying that I’m lining myself up alongside him or endorsing his opinions: Saying “He’s wrong. I haven’t any facts or figures, but he’s wrong all the same” doesn’t win many debates.

The SDMB is meant to be about fighting ignorance, after all :slight_smile:

Hypothetically, hyperjes, are you able adequately to distinguish your present emotional reaction to BJ from the emotional reaction you would feel if it were simply the case that he was right, but made you uncomfortable with the conclusions he forced you to reach?

“He who angers you, conquers you.” ~ Elizabeth Kenny

my my my

what the hell?

Yes. Yes, Aslan2, what the hell? What the hell, indeed!

Bungle: why do you bother posting? OK, sometimes you post something meaningful, but it’s mostly just nasty comments and sarcastic remarks.

I think MissBungle gets a kick out of being kind of sarcastic and mean. Maybe it makes her feel “above” the rest of us tiny peons. Who knows? She’s entitled to free speech just like the everyone else, I suppose.

I admit, Malacandra, that my reaction to BJ is almost exclusively emotional. My conclusion of him being “wrong” comes from an instinctive moral and ethical observation. That applies only to my own personal code of ethics, of course.

And I know I won’t win any debates that way- That’s why I put this in The Pit, not Great Debates.:wink:

MissBungle has a point - letting him get to us in this way, irritating and upsetting and angering and pissing us off - lets him win kind of.

At least in terms of troll behaviour (not saying BJ is a troll but drawing a parallel) if you let the troll upset you, it’s achieved its aim, so it’s sort of won.

Anyway, hyper, forget debating, we’ll vote instead.
I reckon he’s unbearable, and wrong
You reckon he’s unbearable, and wrong

2 v 1 - so we win!!! :wink:
He probably thinks he’s right


My mind is still boggling from the bit about the “crypto-feminist” British Home Office. And he actually came back and tried to defend that viewpoint. There’s a dent in my floor now where my jaw hit it.

Ow, Steve! Better get some ice!:wink: