I Didn't Get An Invite

So I’ve been waiting by my mailbox for an invitation to the royal wedding of Prince William and whoever it is he’s marrying and now I hear all the invites are out and I didn’t get one.

Errrrrrr :mad:

I understand not inviting Fergie, but why not me?

Anyone else not get an invite? :confused:

Hey, *we *don’t invite everyone.

They were only mailed out Weds and Thurs. Give it a few days. If it doesn’t come, just assume it got lost in the mail and show up anyway.

I got one. You can be my plus one if you want. I really hate these things, so I’m probably going to get really, really stoned before I go.

Will there be goth/druid/punk style counter ceremonies in front of the cathedral?

You might find an event like that more fun, I know I would . . .


I didn’t get invited. Should I show up anyway?

We have a winner! :smiley:

Yeah, you should totally show up, as long as you bring some beer and Doritos.

Has this turned into a tailgate party?

Well, you know they’re going to set up giant screens outside the cathedral, and sell outdoor seating. So, yes, possibly tailgating.

I wonder if Markie Post will be there?

My invite says, “Bring Bottle and Bird.”

Ah, they put Harry in charge of writing them, I see.

I read they aren’t inviting any heads of state (sorry Mr Obama) but does this include other royal families? I know they are technically heads of state but often don’t have any real authority.

Fergie wasn’t invited, but her daughters were. Does anyone think the girls should announce: “If Mum can’t come, we won’t attend in solidarity.”?

I don’t think they should do anything so petty. Fergie and will.i. have probably got concerts they need to be at that week, anyway.

No. According to the press release, more than 40 members of foreign royal families were invited.

If they don’t invite all the other princes and princesses, how are all the future hookups going to happen? Leading to all the future royal weddings to stimulate the European economy?

Plus: Today is Presidents’ Day so there’s no mail delivery. Our invitations will be delayed by a day at most.

Just don’t invite them to your wedding – that’ll show them!

I’m gay and can’t get married in my state :frowning:

It’s just not fair :smiley:

As far as I can tell, there are three different invites to worry about receiving/not receiving:
A. The wedding
B. Queen’s afternoon reception
C. Prince Charles’ evening dinner

Remember to clear the fresh mounds of snow from the mailbox to ensure the postman will be able to deliver the mail tomorrow.