I didn't get the job. =:^(

Sorry to hear about the job, Johnny. :frowning:

So does this mean you’re changing your handle to Johnny WA? :smiley:

JohnnyWA(:D), sorry about the job, but glad for you that you’re finally making the move to Washington.
I think what the magic 8ball was really trying to say was that you would get the job when the timing was right and please don’t shake me so hard just because you don’t like my answer. But it’s tough to fit all that on that little triangle.
Best of luck and many good wishes!

Man, that just sucks. :frowning:

But as much as I hate to see you leave, your sights obviously were set on Washington for the longest time, so perhaps it’s for the best after all - I sure hope you’ll settle in.

Let’s hoist a few at the King’s Head…

If you didn’t get that job, that must mean there’s something better on the horizon elsewhere!

Happy moving (if that’s possible!) and hoist a few for those of us wishing you well from the other side of the country.

Hey **Johnny L.A., ** I’m sorry you didn’t get the job, and I’m sorry that I am so late in posting this.

But…as has been mentioned earlier, you can now come to Washington. As I recall, you mentioned in an earlier thread that there was a possible offer from Weyerhauser; have you heard anything on that?

At any rate, welcome to the Great Pacific Northwest! Hopefully, a good offer is just around the corner for you!

Taters: I sent Weyerhaeuser a résumé last week. I got an automated response from them: “If you are among the most qualified candidates for a current opening, we will contact you to discuss next steps…” I sent my original e-mail back to them thanking them for considering my application, and telling them how enthusiastic I am about the position. (It does sound like fun.) And I attached my résumé again for good measure.

Thanks to Turbo Dog, I checked out the Boeing website. I applied for one position there. I mentioned having worked on the AGM-86 (a Boeing product) Test Team at Edwards AFB. Even though a clearance is not required for the position, I did mention the level of clearance I held in the past.

We’ll see what transpires!