I Got The Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all of you who helped out in IMHO with questions for the interviewers. Whatever happened, I got the call about 3:00 today that I have the offer. I (having been out of work for 7 months and eaten through all our savings) didn’t even negotiate.

Tears literally came to my eyes as I got the offer, because it means no more scrimping for my family, no more taking the cheap way, and really as the number one reason, someone finally took me seriously.

Aww, hell. Who’s your daddy? I’m gonna get a laptop, a company car, and a corporate card.

I’m too new to know what happened, but congratulations! :smiley:

Hey, that’s great news. Congrats!

Great news! Well done on securing the job. Congratulations, and happy wishes for the better time ahead!

Woo-hoo! Contrats stofsky!

So… when ya taking us all out for a celebratory dinner, eh? :wink:

[sub]Just kiddin’… but you could take us all out to Ci-Ci’s pizza…:D[/sub]

<< Tea. No tea. Behold! >>

Good going!

Congratulations! Cartwheels through thread, trailing streamers and confetti Whoohoo!


Congratulations, stofsky. If memory serves, the job’s in South Carolina. Does this involve a relocation for you?

Congratulations! I missed the other thread, but hey, any good news deserves celebration!

And if you live in/move to South Carolina, that means we should have a Dopefest to celebrate!

I’m already in SC–Columbia to be exact–so this job means that I don’t have to move; I’ve been looking in Florida as well. I talked to my boss this morning (boy that’s nice to say :)) and it wasn’t a dream after all. Just a few formalities and some paperwork, and I’ll be official on Monday.

An SC Dopefest, with GA and NC dopers too, sounds like it’s long overdue. Of course, after seven months of unemployment, I’ll have to start getting paid first. But my territory covers coastal NC, mostly Wilmington, all of SC, Augusta, and Jacksonville, FL. In SC, Columbia and Charleston are the hotspots. As I start traveling, I’m sure I’ll be seeking out dopers all over for something to do besides watch Skinemax in the hotel room.

Skerri, where are you in SC?

Woohoo! Congrats. I missed the first thread, but that’s great news!