I don't care if they're the shoes of the devil -- I'm never taking them off!

I just received in the mail my new pair of MEPHISTO shoes. I put them on right here at work and have been wearing them for two hours. I ordered them because I decided to start commuting by train to work, and I needed some substantial, waterproof walking shoes to walk to and from the train station.

I have never worn a more comfortable pair of shoes in my life. They were expensive, but I got them because I wanted something that wouldn’t come apart in a year. In my opinion, they’re worth every penny. I’m going to put some mileage on these babies! And since they are technically hiking shoes, I can also wear them for weekend hikes! Ya ha!

I’m never taking them off. I love good shoes.

oh call me clueless but what kind of shoes and what? where did you get them? got a link by chance?


Did you have to sell your soul to get them?


Whereas many of us get by just fine with a couple of old National Geographics and a few hanks of twine…

Ahhhh, I just bought new shoes too. After too many years of buying Nike-type crap with built-in obsolescence, so I have to buy another pair every year, I also started investigating hiking shoes. About 4 years ago I bought a pair of low-top Vasques that lastest every-day wear until last week or so, when I finally wore through the sole. Now those are some tough shoes! Just bought a new pair the other day…

In the long run, even though they can be more expensive that Nike-crap, they’re way more cost-effective…

(I didn’t have to sign any evil soul-involving contracts either)

And if you need something a little more formal might I recommend anything in Florsheim’s Comfortech line.

Most goddamn comfortable dress shoes I have ever put on my feet (and they have some decent casual models now)!

Anyone here ever read;

“Shoes Never Lie”

by Mimi Pond?

Frikin’ hil-effing-larious!!!

Osip: Mephistos are very high end comfort shoes, and I believe they are made in France. They are in the Ecco/Rockport/Salomon tradition of well-made, long-lasting, tough shoes, and they give you plenty of arch support. They’re ideal for walking and hiking. Although our local mall has a “Walking Company” shoe store, which specializes in these types of shoes, I didn’t want to deal with the mall and found their website: http://www.walkingco.com , and they did not charge for shipping and handling.

Hanofer: I bloody well almost paid for these soles with my soul. Ha! Well, since these are going to count for my Xmas present, I guess I won’t be embarrassed to reveal here that the suckers cost . . . . $250. But they are actually hiking shoes, so they’re a bit more than the other shoes that they carry. Also, like ren observes, you won’t have to replace them every year. At this price, I had better not need to replace them for five years!

I’m wearing them today again, and love them. Walked a mile to and from train stations, and they perform like a champ. I’m sold.