I don't FEEL so "Cutting Edge", but apparently I am

I live in America’s Most wired city, Madison, WI, where 75% of adults get online at least once a month.

I dialin to our company network and create documents from home, using programs I don’t have at home. Sometimes they pay me for this.

I don’t BUY much online, but I SHOP for EVERYTHING online.

Sometimes I go online for an answer to a question from my boss on a subject I know nothing about, and I come up with a fairly authoritative answer.

I have met people online first, and then in real life.

I can write a macro in Microsoft Word. I can turn one form into 3 different forms with one keystroke.

Yes, I sure am cutting edge. ;j

How much of that is influenced by the university, which accounts for almost a fifth of the population?

Yay Madison!

I thought this was going to be about that figure-skating movie with DB Sweeny. Mmm, DB Sweeny

once…a month?

Bzzzzzkkkk. Error. Does not compute.