I don't have to teach Summer Session!! Yippie!!!

After commencement I can DO WHAT EVER I WANT!!! I have to bring Mrs.Phlosphr too though!

Can someone give me some ideas on unplugging this summer?

Materials at my immediate disposal:

1 = Canoe
6 peices = camping gear
7 peices = fishing gear
1 = laptop
many many many = books
1 = hammock
1 = large lawn
1 = broken tractor
1 = excited dog
1 = willing to travel wife
1 = Chevy Avalanche
2 = marbles in my head
1 = litre Captain Morgan
2 = cans warm Coca Cola
1 = large body of water sometimes called an ocean
Anyone up for Lobster and other assorted goodies on the beach with an open fire?

May I come along too?

Sure…Seriously, anyone up for a clam bake/ fresh lobster beach dinner let me know, we’ll have the first all new england dope fest!!