I Don't Understand The MMP

Yeah, I know it stands for “Monday Morning Post”, but the topics, to me, seem so very mundane and yet they run on for six pages.

And there never seems to be a failed attempt.

Someone posts an MMP, and six pages follow. How come someone never posts an MMP that fails?

Could I post an MMP entitled “Fresh Fish”, and get such a response? I don’t think so.

What’s the deal?

The MMP is a thread full of mundanity that’s too mundane for a bunch of separate threads. So we dump it all in one. Those of us who post regularly use it to keep up on each other’s lives and just sorta hang out. You’ll notice that we rarely follow a topic, although the OP often inspires ideas and memories and multiple hijacks.

So, yeah, Fresh Fish would work. But it helps if you volunteer ahead of time since we have an unofficial schedule of sorts. Come join us - it’s fun.

Come on it! This week we have crab on special!

The reason it never fails is because there is a core group who always come in to talk about their lives. Just don’t forget to make the obligatory gift of chocolate to FairyChatMom.

It’s just a place for us to have a sort of online community-within-a-community,. Recently I have posted there about a job application, about a video I found on youtube, about my driver’s ed test - all kinds of stuff. And other people share.

We support each other and wish each other well. We whine to each other. We like this way of keeping up on each others’ lives.

I am sort of part of the core group. Weeks go by when I don’t post but I’m always welcomed back with open arms and smiles. It’s nice, ya know?

Plus, you can walk around in the altogether and no one minds!

The MMP is pretty much as close as the Straight Dope can get to a chat room or blog. A place where the “rules” (as well as people’s attitudes) can be relaxed a bit, and people can get the opportunity to learn more about each other, in a friendship-based way. It can serve as a personal diary, a chat log, a ranting forum, a place to garner and give sympathy, to give each other bizarre nicknames… Plus, like meeks (Anaamika) said, it’s nice to have a place where people actually remember more about you than your username! :slight_smile:

Are all the MMP regulars supposed to post here too?
I can barely keep up with the primary thread!

The MMP is an acquired taste.
Now get to acquiring!

Think of it as a virtual coffee klatch.

Except everyone’s not always saying “a/s/l?” or “wutz up peeps” all the time. :rolleyes:

They speak in code. The MMP is a “front” for an organizati

That’s because the regulars know that already! :smiley:

And if you hang out in the MMP regularly and then slip out for a bit, people welcome you back. It’s nice to know that you’ve been missed.

Tsk, tsk, Winston.
Sorry, everyone, Winston’s been sent off for re-edumacation.

So is it required for all MMPers to check in here? Cuz I think I read in the non-existent rules that it was.


P.S. Come join us! Really!

On first read, that read as:

Plus, you can walk around there with no minds!

I was just about to agree when I read it again. I like my version better. :smiley:

You’re still bitter about your tailpipe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you could conceivably walk around mindlessly in the altogether. We wouldn’t mind that, either. Just make sure to provide photos.

the MMP has become known as the place the Cool Kids hang. And you automatically become one just by showing up - so c’mon over

You sure as heck would - there are a lot of seafood lovers in the MMP. Everyone is welcome. Can’t stress this enough. Hope to see you there

and don’t worry about trying to catch up - just jump in on the last page and take it from there

But you get “How you doin’ ?” instead…

Come on over and jump in! I’m new to dope and the MMP group, but they are great. And to be honest, I didn’t read all of the pages before jumping in. Oh, and remember to bring chocolate for FairyChatMom. :slight_smile: