I eat Crow; it tastes like suck

I hate to do this. I really hate to do this. However, it seems I owe Diogenes the Cynic an apology. Blech.

I have been a jerk to him. This is partly because I feel he insulted the 80+% of the world population which I fall within, but that does not excuse my behavior.

Actually, I am not a jerk. I am a dick. Partly this is because I am under quite a lot of stress now, which no one on the dope would or should care about. This also does not excuse my actions in any way, shape, or form.

Therefore, Diogenes the Cynic, will you accept my apologies?

Ummm…link? Just for those of us who are curious?

Hmm… I don’t even remember what thread it was. Let me see if I can find it.

sigh Here.


Um…is the “embarrassing” part the fact that Diogenes didn’t even post in that thread? I mean, you behaved rather impolitely to SentientMeat, but not Diogenes.


Another “Ummmmm…?”

Dio didn’t post to that thread. Are you sure you don’t mean SentientMeat? :smiley:

Whatever, leave him alone while he eats his suck.


Hi, smiling bandit.

As much as I would like to graciously accept your apology I think I am forced to return it unopened. I believe you sent it to the wrong address. As far as I know, you have nothing to apologize to me for. Are you sure you didn’t confuse me with SentientMeat?

If you think the suck is bad, you should try the Diet suck. Blecchh.

That’s… that’s… actually a very good point.


OK, just pretend that refers to SentientMeat. I’m just going to slink off into the shadows and pretend I was never born, now.

It’s ok. Confusing the two is a common mistake. After all, their names share…what, 4 letters? :smiley:

Wait until you taste the New suck. It’ll make you yearn for suck Classic.

And don’t even get me started on suck with lime.

The suck with Nutrasweet has a surprisingly nice taste however. Remember when they had suck with lemon? Gave it a nice tangy taste. I wish they’d bring it back.

Ok…I’m confused. What’s the difference between Suck, New Suck, Classic Suck, Suck One, and Tab?

Tab, by far, tastes the worst.

Vanilla Suck is teh suxxor!

I love me some vanilla diet suck, though. It’s like crack to me.

How I wish they’d bring back cherry suck over here…

The diet suck is OK if you put a lot of whiskey in it.

Man could I use a super-sized suck right now!

Thank you, thank you all. My humiliation is now complete.


Hee - your eating crow is funny, smiling bandit. You totally screwed it up. :smiley: