I feel like poking myself in the face with a fork!

My left eye and the left side of my lip have been twitching all day. It’s driving me completely insane.

Now I understand those people who drill holes in their heads or other drastic physical attempts to control pain or unpleasant physical sensations. Because this is maddening.

God. Now it’s my cheek.

I blame the lack of spinach in my diet. My local supermarket still hasn’t put it back on the shelves.

I know how you feel. The right side of my abdomen has been twitching for the past week. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes more than one area. Doesn’t hurt, very distracting. Stupid body!

I get those from time to time. Usually it’s two or thee twitches in some random locale and that’s it. Sometimes though it sets up shop and goes right the hell to town, sometimes for days, even as long as a week or so. I really wish I knew what caused them and how I could stop them, because otherwise I end up wanting to take sharp objects and carve bits of me off and stomp on the gibs.

My wife likes to try and yank out unruly eyebrow hairs when I am not paying attention. It hurts like a sonofabitch. I have good reflexes, but she can be nimble. A few months ago she got one that was apparently connected to my brain as my eyelid twitched on and off for close to 4 weeks afterwords.

I was considering taping my eye up it drove me so nuts.

She hasn’t gotten one since.

My eyeballs were twitching for several hours yesterday. Small movements, but really quick, left-to-right, shaking up my worldview a bit. Today it’s my right thumb. It’s very very irritating, but it does go away eventually.

The twitches remain. I could power a small city with this energy!

I get that, sometimes, & a brisk walk, or other light outdoor exercise clears things right up. Stress, in my case.

I hate it when the twitch is in the lower eyelid, and you can see it and feel it tickling your eyeball.

If you do poke yourself we want pictures. You know this, don’t you?

And, not 24 hours later, I start getting facial twitches.

I thought I was the only one…whew! I’ve had twitches since forever. Most of the time it is stress induced, and only an eye or cheek twitch. When it’s really bad my arms will just downright shake like I have palsy or something. That’s when it gets hard to explain.