I find today's Dennis the Menace highly disturbing


Seriously, what’s up with this?


Why, the young scamp is simply admiring the impressive Enzyte-induced, rock-hard Circus Penis proudly sported by the aging Mr. Wilson! What I find disturbing is the jizz-spattered shower curtin in the background.

Looks like Hamilton & Ferdinand chose a weighty subject there.

Okay, I’ve looked at three different online sites to find today’s edition of DtM, and they’re all saying, “Content Currently Unavailable.” What’s going on?


It’s Mr. Wilson standing on a scale in his bath robe. Dennis is looking down at the scale and commenting on Mr. Wilson’s weight by noting “Look’s like I’m not the only one growin’ up fast.”

Why is Mr. Wilson’s bathrobe tied at the hip? Is it so Dennis can unwrap his ‘present’?


I should have mentioned… what is disturbing about it is that one might think that Mr. Wilson’s robe is open and Dennis might not be looking at the scale but one of Mr. Wilson’s more private features.

I rather enjoyed that.

“Circus Penis”? No, no, no! That would be Bil Keane!

Okay, I disabled Norton Security, and now I can see it, and that is just so wrong!


That was the original caption for the cartoon.


You people are twisted.
I like!

To be honest I’ve never understood that strip. Isn’t Mr Wilson his next door neighbour? And he doesn’t even like the kid, right? So why is he in his bathroom?

I’m missing something here. They seem to hang out too much.

Apparently, that ain’t all that’s hanging out.

Wow… I’d bet it was unintentional, but that’s a serious :smack: on the part of the writer.

I’ve always thought this one was in fairly poor taste.

This is clearly a case of elderly abuse. If you look at the expressions on their faces, Mr. Wilson is troubled by this young boy that is, clearly, fixin’ to get his pre-pubescent lips around some geezer gonads.

'At’s hot.

Growin’ up fast!!?? Dennis has been 8 years old for 5 decades!