I forced a friend to come here, too!

Wow! AndYrAStar, Ivy Kitty, and FairyPrincessKitty all in one place? Must be my lucky day! Hello all!

Hi Kitti!

well, far be it from me to ignore the expectations of someone who wears cat ears.


Motherfuckin’ … Hi!



So…how the hell are you all?

Instead of start an entirely new thread, I’m going to use this one again. This time I didn’t force him to come here. I didn’t even send him a link. I have no idea how he figured out what I meant by SDMB.

Everyone meet THE GR8 1, The STAAAAAAAAAR STUDDED ANDWOO! <something about weeping mountains> I forget the rest of his really long, really cool customary introduction, and he won’t tell me what it is, so you’ll have to be deprived of it :frowning:

Say hi, andrew. Impress them all with your sexy accent.

<sigh> that should be “instead of starting an entirely new thread…”

(flaunts sexy british accent that he doesn’t actually have)

Oh yeah. We’re the ones with the accents, not you. :rolleyes:

Let’s see… we’ve got kitti and andrew here… I wonder how long it’ll take to get everyone from OoT to come. I’ll work on erin next. :smiley:

I think we’ll have a problem when it comes to Sauron, though.

Let’s get Sabu here!

Or would you kill me?

I realized that I completely forgot to say hi to you, Andrew.

<stares at screen>

waves emphatically Hi there! I’m kinda new at this myself, dragged in by a friend, but lovin’ every minute of it! Glad you could make it!


Ivy Kitti, from one cat to another:


You’ll find that there are a lot of us around here with names of the feline persuasion.

Welcome. Sit down, grab a beer, and stay a while.

Kitti is also my secret lover, so I was dragged here too.
(Hey, at least my username isn’t “SXYBOY69696969” like someone wanted it to be…)


Hey, we have our own personal thread. Other people read what we’re saying and roll their eyes, because they don’t know what we’re talking about! It’s like an Elite thread. How cool. Now, let’s see how long I can keep this thread alive by posting random crap.

<plays journey to the end really, really slow> <screws up> <throws bass at brocolli> :mad:


<plays smells like teen spirit really well cause it’s all he can play>

Hi everybody (so many new people I’ve lost count)

I’m here, and I’ve brought beer. Need I say more?