I forget, do we have a general HurricaneDitka Pit thread?

Also, Hurricane Ditka doesn’t post in the pit and claims to rarely read it. It’s hard to argue with someone who isn’t arguing back and isn’t even aware of the complaints.

No matter how many times you claim “so you agree with me”, no one else thinks that is the case. I’ve noticed this is one of your go-to things, like “you are too stupid to understand so I won’t even talk to you”.

Maybe later someone will put together a post of examples of you doing those things, just to show how often you dip into those wells.

I highly doubt that. You may have misunderstood something again. (I hope this doesn’t make you cry.)

Speak for yourself.

I showed black-and-white that wolfpup conceded the essential point. His failure to respond in any substantive manner conceded that further.

Understood that he would never admit this upfront. That would be a contradiction to his entire approach to these discussions, and probably life …

Well, the presence of FP in the HD pit thread warrants its own separate pitting of HD for having us subjected to this.

Now that may be worth a bit of a compliment. Not bad.

Might be the first worthwhile thing you’ve said in this discussion. Still, progress is being made …

I think everyone can see that I did bring substance, but it is better for you to ignore it.

Nah, in reality it supports what others have said about you, so that is OK.

No, you really did not. The second sentence there is just nonsense.

Someone needs to get Pitted for it. Did F-P just show up, or did someone mention his name first?


“JohnT’s point had been that the US in particular is in a position where population growth is essential and this is something these immigrants could provide. By contrast, in their home countries, population growth was not crucial and there were other obstacles to economic growth. As I said above, it was a shaky point. (That said, by the standards of the bilge which routinely passes for thought on this board, it’s not bad. Probably in the upper half, I would guess.)”

I mean… I am in the top 50% of the bilge! You said so! Is there no higher compliment?

(And it isn’t a shaky point but rather a basic premise of developed market economics, but I wouldn’t expect a career health bureaucrat to understand this.)

What I can see is evidence that you have the pathological fear that others do understand that a Canadian would know more about Canadian health or a Salvadorian-American would now more about immigration issues.

It is not complicated, except for the ones that have a stupid and illogical way to approach life.

In another thread, Huey talks about “whiteness”… this is one of the behaviors which he speaks of, how white people… men, especially… assume their secondary-attained knowledge is more on point than the direct experiences of others.

Have no idea if FP is white*, but he sure acts like a privileged white guy with his propensity to insult, act insulted, while claiming he “won” a debate when the audience can see he was totally out of his depth.

Thank you, FP, for this illumination.

*99.99% sure, though!

Actually, I’m rather pleased with how clearly this exchange with F-P shows him to be a dishonest sack of shit. Allow me to summarize some of the core elements of the discussion, which is now a matter of record here:

F-P: [With private insurance] “people can choose whatever medical care they want without approval from bureaucrats”!

Me: Bullshit! The whole basis of private insurance is the adjudication and potential denial of claims by a vast insurance bureaucracy. The insurance industry employs thousands of bureaucrats for that exact purpose. While single-payer has no such function, and there is no bureaucrat between patient and doctor. This is an absolutely foundational distinction.

F-P: Not relevant, not relevant! Private insurance has higher utilization!

Me: What the fuck does that have to do with anything? The “utilization” argument is a deceptive load of crap because the so-called “higher utilization” is actually just a problem of inefficiency and pertains to nothing more than useless low-value functions like over-testing. It’s a problem that need fixing, not a benefit that’s ever done anyone any good. Meanwhile there is a huge bureaucracy that stands in the way of people getting the medical care they need.

F-P: You used a lot of words there, and then admitted I was right! I was right! Also, in Canada, health care costs aren’t a problem but it’s tough getting service.

Me: It’s not tough getting service. Let me give you a specific example.

F-P: {Quotes a sentence out of context, lops off the part giving the specific example, claims I admitted he was right again.} Yay! F-P now claims he was right TWICE!

One can see how F-P is not interested in any honest argument of substance if he can’t hold up his side of it, so he resorts to playing word games in order to win teh internets.

This is similar to – but actually worse and even more dishonest than – HurricanDitka’s delightful language games and blatantly dishonest argumentation. I’m thinking of the recent example where HD claimed it was entirely appropriate to arrest illegal border crossers because they were “suspected criminals”. When asked to explain why anyone would assume that parents crossing with their children were suspected felons, it turned out that this was just code for “well, the border crossers are criminals because they crossed the border illegally”. He got so upset at being called out on this deception that he was actually goaded into writing out the script for how he imagined that conversation was supposed to go, which no doubt had a sequel in which HD wins teh internets.

F-P’s deception is actually far worse because his “utilization” argument tries to grossly mis-characterize a big problem of useless waste as actually being a feature, and using that deception to avoid having to answer the unanswerable argument about the bureaucracy of private insurance. It’s hard to imagine any clearer evidence that it’s impossible to have a rational argument with this lying sack of shit.

Well, what a surprise, you completely failed to understand what you were reading. Will wonders never cease?

The only weird part is that you missed it in the “wrong direction”. The guy making the “shaky point” wasn’t you, it was HD. Your point was debatable, but valid. HD’s response didn’t really address the core of your argument, so it was a shaky point, but (was not racist and) was OK by the standards of what passes as arguments on this board.

I’m not going to quote your wall of text (you really have nothing to do), but will just note briefly - again - that you’re being dishonest in pretending that I’ve said anything is “a feature” (in the sense of being positive).

What I said is that for purposes of controlling costs - which is the topic being discussed in the health care thread - it makes no difference whether increased utilization is “useless waste” or not, because it costs the same regardless. Therefore any system which promotes increased utilization, whether or not it’s useless waste, is tough to control.

Understood, of course, that someone with no integrity like yourself would need to distort things in order to feel like he’s winning.

Nope, but I have to say I’m really enjoying this! Keep digging! :smiley:

The relevant discussion in this thread over your preposterous statement that “people can choose whatever medical care they want without approval from bureaucrats” began here, where you stated that “the statement is pretty well known to be true … The private insurers in the US have far less control over utilization than the governments in socialist systems.”

You made the aforementioned preposterous statement, I refuted it by pointing out that the private insurance industry has more bureaucratic meddling between doctor and patient than any other health care funding model, and then you came up with this bullshit about “control over utilization”. This is much like HurricaneDitka’s linguistic sleight-of-hand. What is an honest debater supposed to make of it as a response against the argument of private insurance bureaucracy and its denial of health care?

It’s perfectly clear what you want the reader to think. If the insurance industry has little control over utilization, then obviously the patient and the medical system do, right? Congratulations, you’ve won the internet!

Well, no, you haven’t, you’ve just won the “lying sack of shit” contest, just edging out HurricaneDitka. Because the “utilization” in question, as I noted, is redundant wasteful penny-ante bullshit (which also, sadly, adds up to a significant aggregate cost problem). It’s useless crap that has hardly ever done any patient any good. Meanwhile a rampant insurance bureaucracy is entrenched in the medical system between doctor and patient, and actively denying health care for mercenary reasons whenever possible.

In short: bureaucratic meddling is a huge and intrinsic problem with private health insurance. Your “utilization” argument is a dishonest attempt at misdirection. I just don’t know if you’re doing it because you’re stupid or because you’re a dedicated shill for the insurance industry and still hoping to convince someone.

We know that, you really do think that ignoring it makes the point go away.

A very stupid thing to say when the facts show otherwise.

Therefore you are just babbling.

You are not even wrong.

OK, I see people with more time and interest than me intend to just keep repeating the same distortions again and again.

I don’t think anything further needs to be said at this point.

ETA: if anyone I respect feels there’s something to discuss, I would take this up further. But as it is, I don’t anticipate this.

So your inability to craft a simple English sentence, with proper noun-pronoun agreement, is somehow my fault?


Of course it is! WTF was I thinking?

Aye; this is your failsafe! “I can see that my arguments are too advanced for any of you plebes to understand; there’s no point in talking to any of you any more.” It’s occurrence is as predictable as any of your other posts.

Good point, they should stop quoting your lies.

This point? Really? You’ve been repeating the same lies over and over for quite a while. If you didn’t really think that there was anything further to be said at this point, you should have just stopped posting your lies after the first time.

HD doesn’t do the pit, Bricker has too much integrity to agree with your lies, so I guess you just want to talk to Shodan?

That makes sense, between the two of you, you may manage to scrounge a couple of brain cells to rub together. But, as it is, I don’t anticipate this.